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360 N Rockingham Ave Los Angeles CA 90049 The OJ Simpson Estate


360 N Rockingham Ave Los Angeles CA 90049 The OJ Simpson Estate

Following the media frenzy surrounding O.J. Simpson’s Tudor-style mansion, the property had become an unwelcome tourist attraction for the neighborhood. To address this issue, concerned neighbors banded together and took the bold step of purchasing the property, with the ultimate goal of demolishing the notorious house.

With the demolition completed, the community was left with a blank slate to reimagine what the property could become. They collectively decided to build a stunning new mansion that would blend in seamlessly with the neighborhood’s aesthetic. The end result was a beautifully designed home that breathed new life into the once-embattled property.

This act of community-driven urban renewal not only removed an eyesore from the neighborhood but also fostered a sense of unity among its residents. The new mansion stands as a testament to the community’s determination to take charge of their own destiny and create a brighter future for their neighborhood. MAP IT!!

google street view: 360 N Rockingham Ave Los Angeles CA 90049

A few other locations seen in the OJ Simpson saga include:

Nicole Brown-Simpson’s condo was remodeled after being sold in 1996

Mezzaluna Restaurant, where Goldman worked and where Brown ate. (now Peet’s Coffee & Tea)

The Kardashian’s Home

Kardashian Home (OJ Simpson Hideout) located on Mandalay Drive in Encino, California

“The Kardashian’s real original Encino home was featured in The People VS OJ Simpson”

FX miniseries The People v. O.J. Simpson

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‘360 N Rockingham Ave Los Angeles CA 90049’

Filming Dates: 1994

Starring: OJ Simpson

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First Published: Oct 1, 2016, 11:20

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