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Fast X Filming Locations – Los Angeles Portugal / 2023

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Fast X Filming Locations – Los Angeles Portugal / 2023

The highly anticipated installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, “Fast X” (also known as Fast and The Furious #10), took the filming crew on an exciting journey across multiple locations. While the majority of the movie was shot in the picturesque landscapes of Portugal, some thrilling scenes were also captured in Italy, Los Angeles, and London.

The Toretto Home

Join us on an exhilarating journey through the mesmerizing world of Hollywood’s filming locations! Our first stop on this captivating tour takes us to the legendary Toretto House. Nestled in the vibrant and pulsating Echo Park neighborhood of East Los Angeles, this iconic residence has cemented its place in the hearts of Fast and Furious fans worldwide.

As we step foot onto the hallowed grounds of the Toretto home, we can’t help but feel the electric energy that permeates the air. This is where the high-octane action unfolds, where family ties are forged, and where the limits of speed and adrenaline are pushed to the extreme. It’s no wonder that neighbors and impassioned protestors alike gather with bated breath to catch a glimpse of the magic in the making.

Did you know that the Toretto House stands mere blocks away from another revered landmark, Toretto’s Market? This local treasure serves as a tangible reminder of the indomitable spirit and unwavering loyalty that have become synonymous with the Fast and Furious franchise. So, don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of these interconnected filming locations, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure through Hollywood’s silver screen legacy. MAP IT!! (do not knock on the door!!)

Portugal Highway

During the production period, onlookers and local residents in Portugal were treated to an unforgettable spectacle. One notable filming location was the A24 Highway, also referred to as “Autoestrada A24.” This highway stretches from north to south, traversing the breathtaking Douro river valley and serving as a vital link between the A7 and A25 roads.

The excitement reached its peak on July 11th, 2022, as the cameras rolled on the A24 Highway in Portugal. The filming of “Fast X” prompted authorities to temporarily close sections of the A24 motorway. Specifically, the closure spanned the area between Vilarinho da Samardã (Vila Real) and Vila Pouca de Aguiar. To ensure the safety of both the cast and the general public, traffic was diverted, and alternative routes were designated. The A24 motorway remained closed until 8 pm that day, allowing the crew to capture the heart-pounding action scenes for the movie.

The production team’s dedication to creating an immersive experience for the viewers didn’t end there. From July 18th to 21st, further closures were implemented on the A24 Highway to facilitate additional filming of “Fast X.” This temporary disruption in regular traffic patterns showcased the magnitude of the movie’s production and the effort put into delivering an adrenaline-pumping cinematic adventure.

As Fast and Furious fans eagerly await the release of “Fast X,” the behind-the-scenes glimpses of its filming locations, including the A24 Highway in Portugal, have only added to the anticipation. The mix of captivating landscapes and high-octane action sequences filmed across different countries promises an unforgettable addition to the beloved franchise.

Jason Momoa, who has more glamour than the entire Tourette family combined, plays the new villain, Dante Reyes. Vin Diesel returns as Dom Toretto, along with the usual suspects including Michelle Rodriguez, John Cena, Ludacris, Nathalie Emmanuel, Sung Kang, and Tyrese Gibson.

Dodger Statium

The opening scene with Dom and his son, Little B, was filmed in the parking lot of the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

Rome, Italy

At the behest of The Agency, our high-octane team embarks on a heart-pounding mission that takes them across the mesmerizing city of Rome. As we delve into this adrenaline-fueled sequence, the camera pans across breathtaking establishing shots of the iconic Colosseum, standing tall and majestic against the backdrop of a sun-drenched sky. Its ancient allure sets the stage for the thrilling exploits that lie ahead.

Our team, seamlessly blending into the bustling streets of Rome, navigates through the labyrinthine lanes, their eyes fixed on their target—the coveted computer chip. The convoy weaves through the city’s vibrant thoroughfares, where centuries-old architecture seamlessly merges with modern urban charm. As the convoy reaches Trastevere, a district pulsating with life, our attention is captivated by the monumental Fontana dell’Acqua Paola fountain.

The Fontana dell’Acqua Paola fountain, a true gem of Trastevere, exudes an aura of grandeur. Its cascading waters and intricately carved sculptures provide a striking juxtaposition to the fast-paced chase unfolding before our eyes. Amidst the chaos, the team’s synchronized maneuvers and calculated risks keep them one step ahead of their adversaries.

With each passing moment, the tension builds, and Rome’s timeless beauty serves as both a backdrop and a testament to the rich history that surrounds them. The narrow cobblestone streets and ancient edifices bear witness to the audacious feats being performed in the name of the mission.

As the pursuit intensifies, our hearts race in unison with the team’s relentless pursuit of the elusive computer chip. Rome, a city steeped in legend and romance, becomes the ultimate playground for this electrifying game of cat and mouse.

Join us as we bear witness to this breathtaking fusion of action and cultural heritage, where the past and present intertwine, and the city of Rome becomes an accomplice to the audacious heist that unfolds before our eyes.

Train Station

In the next scene, we find ourselves transported to the bustling Anaheim train station, also known as the Regional Transportation Intermodal Center, located in sunny Anaheim, California. The air crackles with anticipation as the cameras roll, capturing every pulse-pounding moment.

Our attention is immediately drawn to the imposing figure of Jakob, shouldering a massive surf table with seemingly effortless strength. The contrast between the sleek, futuristic train station and the unconventional cargo in his grasp creates an intriguing visual spectacle.

In Rome, Dante takes a thrilling ride on his motorcycle through the picturesque Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere. The square where Letty is apprehended by the police is the Belvedere Niccolò Scatoli, adjacent to the striking Fontana dell’Acqua Paola. Interestingly, this location serves as the starting point for the Rome sequence, creating a seamless connection throughout the film.

LIVE SET!! Fast and Furious Filming In East LA

August 23, 2022: Fast X is set to commence filming in Los Angeles, utilizing iconic locations such as the Liquor Store and the renowned Toretto house situated on East Kensington Road in Echo Park. This highly anticipated movie will feature a stellar cast including the talented Jason Momoa, Charlize Theron, and Brie Larson, who join the extraordinary ensemble of stars. MAP IT!!

‘Fast X’ aka ‘Fast 10’

Filming Dates: July 2022 – Oct 2022

When: 2023, Universal

Starring: Jason Momoa, Charlize Theron, Brie Larson, Alan Ritchson, Nathalie Emmanuel, Vin Diesel, Dominic Toretto, Michelle Rodriguez, Letty Ortiz, Helen Mirren, Jordana Brewster, Mia Toretto, Scott Eastwood, Michael Rooker, Rita Moreno, Daniela Melchior, Sung Kang, Tyrese Gibson, Roman, Cardi B, Ludacris, Tej, Luis Da Silva Jr.,

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First Published: Oct 17, 2022, 11:20

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