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Fist Fight Filming Locations – Atlanta, Georgia / 2017

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Fist Fight Filming Locations – Atlanta, Georgia / 2017

Fist Fight Filming Locations – Atlanta, Georgia / 2017

The High School

Where is “Roosevelt High School” located?

Ice Cube and Charlie Day star in the raucous comedy film Fist Fight, which was predominantly filmed at the historic East Atlanta High School.


The old school, located on Mary Dell Drive in Atlanta, Georgia, serves as the ideal backdrop for the movie’s zany plot.


With most of the scenes taking place at the abandoned high school, the film takes full advantage of the location’s natural charm and haunting beauty. Fun Film Fact: Hidden Figures



The decrepit classrooms, dark hallways, and peeling paint create an eerie atmosphere that adds to the film’s overall impact. It’s incredible how the filmmakers were able to transform the old, abandoned high school into a vibrant and dynamic movie set, bringing the location to life and creating a unique visual experience for viewers. MAP IT!!  view on google street: 1847 Mary Dell Dr SE Atlanta, Georgia

Thank you “SamV” for the tip!


Parking Lot Location

Thanks to the great tip from user, Kim, we have confirmed that the filming for the highly anticipated movie “Fist Fight” took place on November 25th, 2015. The filming location was none other than The outdoor mall named Avenue East Cobb, situated in the picturesque city of Marietta, Georgia.

As per the eyewitness account of Kim L., the filming was focused on none other than the talented actor Charlie Day and his onscreen family played by JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Alexa Nisenson. The filming location specifically featured a scene in front of the popular Panera Bread Restaurant, which is located at 4475 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30062.

This exciting information is sure to pique the interest of movie enthusiasts and fans of Charlie Day, who eagerly await the release of the movie. MAP IT!!


Fist Fight Casting Info

Recurring Roles: 11/01/2015 – Upcoming looking for some core students for new feature Fist Fight — some roles would work 10 plus days – lots of great camera time – all shoot days in October but ideally looking for a few super hot girls and guys 18 -22 years old and — ideally available for a fitting tomorrow – Wednesday 9/23 — email recent photo, age, sizes and all contact info to: [email protected] – CORE HOT STUDENTS – Subject More Casting Info at

‘Fist Fight’

When: 2/17/2017, Warner Bros

Starring: Christina Hendricks, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Ice Cube

First Published Jan 27, 2017, 9:15am

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  1. Sam Venable

    January 4, 2017 at 5:29 am

    The school in Atlanta is the old East Atlanta High on Mary Dell Dr.i went there in the ’60’s.

  2. tiffany

    February 1, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    use to be
    thurgood marshall middle school

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