Game Night Filming Locations Atlanta, Georgia / 2018

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Game Night Filming Locations Atlanta, Georgia / 2018

Game Night Filming Locations Atlanta, Georgia / 2018

The action-packed comedy film “Game Night” was primarily shot on location in two vibrant cities in Georgia, Marietta and Atlanta. This exciting production attracted a lot of attention from locals, as it featured numerous scenes that were filmed on the iconic 4th street bridge and its surrounding areas. The picturesque and dynamic backdrops of these two cities added to the movie’s overall charm and excitement, giving viewers a glimpse of Georgia’s stunning urban landscape. The use of real-life locations also lent an authentic feel to the movie, making it a unique and memorable experience for both locals and visitors alike. GOT A TIP?

The Big House Seen In The Movie Location:

If you’re curious about the location of the house in the movie Game Night, it’s actually situated at 2980 Argonne Dr, Atlanta in Georgia. This piece of information can add an extra layer of immersion to your movie-watching experience, as you can imagine the characters walking around the real-life streets of Atlanta while trying to solve their mystery.

Additionally, knowing the exact location of the house can be interesting for movie enthusiasts and travelers alike, who may want to visit the area to see the filming location in person. Georgia has become an increasingly popular destination for movie and TV productions, with many famous works such as Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, and Marvel movies being filmed in the state. MAP IT!!

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unknown atlanta location – Got a Tip?

unknown atlanta location – Got a Tip?

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‘Game Night’

When: 2/22/2018, New Line Cinema / Warner Bros.

Starring: Jesse Plemons, Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman 

First Published: Feb 4, 2018, 21:42

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