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Inside West Coast Customs TV Series Filming Locations 2013 – Burbank, California

2013 TV Series

Inside West Coast Customs TV Series Filming Locations 2013 – Burbank, California

West Coast Customs (WCC) is a custom car shop located in Burbank, California, that has gained worldwide recognition for their unique and highly customized vehicles. The shop was founded in 1994 by Ryan Friedlinghaus, who started the business from his parent’s garage in Corona, California.

After establishing a reputation for their high-quality work, West Coast Customs moved to a larger location in Burbank in 2000. The shop’s Burbank location spans over 60,000 square feet and includes a state-of-the-art paint facility, metal fabrication shop, and design studio.

WCC has been featured in several TV shows, including MTV’s “Pimp My Ride,” which helped to bring the shop into the mainstream spotlight. The shop has also worked on several celebrity cars, including vehicles for Shaquille O’Neal, Justin Bieber, and

In addition to their custom car work, WCC has also partnered with several major brands to produce limited edition vehicles, including a West Coast Customs edition 2014 Ford Mustang and a West Coast Customs edition 2015 Ford F-150.

Where does Ryan and the crew film Inside West Coast Customs?

Snoop Dogg, Shaquille O’Neal, and a massive list of entertainers get their cars customized at the World Famous West Coast Customs In Burbank, California

Check out WestCoastCustoms.Com


google street view: 2101 Empire Ave, Burbank, CA 91504


The Discovery Channel’s original series “Inside West Coast Customs” now films in Burbank, California


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‘West Coast Customs’

Filming Dates: 2013 –

When: 2013 – , Youtube

Starring: Ryan Friedlinghaus, Hunter Clancey, Jeff Sandquist, Shaq, Snoop Dogg,

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