Moms’ Night Out Filming Locations – Birmingham, Alabama / 2004

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Moms’ Night Out Filming Locations – Birmingham, Alabama / 2004

Moms’ Night Out Filming Locations – Birmingham, Alabama / 2004

The entertaining comedy film “Moms Night Out” featuring a talented cast including Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, and Patricia Heaton, was shot on location in the charming city of Birmingham, Alabama, as stated by the popular filming location website, Hollywood Filming Locations. This movie follows the journey of a group of mothers on a wild and eventful night out, and its scenic backdrop undoubtedly adds to the film’s overall appeal. If you happen to know any specific locations featured in the movie, Hollywood Filming Locations would love to hear from you. So, don’t hesitate to share any tips or insider knowledge you may have about the movie’s filming locations with us.

TreeTop Restuarant

The TreeTop restaurant be found. Birmingham, Alabama unknown location If you have a tip, please send it in here – Got a Tip?

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‘Moms’ Night Out’

When: 5/5/2014, TriStar Pictures

Starring: Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Patricia Heaton

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