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The Orville Filming Locations – Season 1 / FOX Original Series 2017

2017 TV Series

The Orville Filming Locations – Season 1 / FOX Original Series 2017

The Orville Filming Locations – Season 1 / FOX Original Series 2017

The Orville is a popular FOX series that showcases the talents of Seth MacFarlane and Adrianne Palicki. One of the things that sets this show apart is the high-quality production value, which includes impressive on-location filming. While many of the space scenes are created in a studio, the show’s creators have also taken advantage of the picturesque landscapes found in and around Los Angeles and Westlake Village, CA.

For example, Universal Studios Hollywood has been a key filming location for The Orville, providing an array of resources and settings to create an immersive science fiction experience. Additionally, the show’s creators have also utilized the beautiful surroundings of Westlake Village to film the Planetary Union HQ scenes, adding depth and authenticity to the show’s futuristic world-building.

As a small city nestled in the northwestern region of Los Angeles, Westlake Village offers the perfect combination of scenic beauty and convenient access to a bustling urban environment. The Orville’s filming in this location is a testament to the diverse range of settings available to filmmakers in the greater Los Angeles area. Overall, the show’s use of on-location filming techniques helps to bring the rich and imaginative world of The Orville to life.

The Real Orville ECV 197-1

It may surprise some fans of the popular FOX series “The Orville” to learn that the show’s spacecraft, the Orville ECV 197-1, is actually a real-life vehicle that was recently spotted in Los Angeles, California. This impressive spacecraft, which features prominently in the show’s space-based scenes, is a stunning example of the creativity and innovation that goes into producing a high-quality science fiction series.

While it may be hard to believe that a spacecraft like the Orville ECV 197-1 could actually exist in our world, the reality is that many of the technologies and designs used in the show are based on real-world concepts and theories. This makes the show’s universe all the more engaging and believable, as fans can easily imagine that they are watching a glimpse into a possible future.

As for the recent sighting of the Orville ECV 197-1 flying down the 134 freeway in Los Angeles, it is not uncommon for film and television productions to transport their props and equipment on public roads. However, seeing such an iconic piece of the show’s production in the real world is sure to be a thrill for fans of “The Orville.” It’s a testament to the dedication and hard work of the show’s creators that they are able to bring such a fantastic world to life, both on-screen and off.

Planetary Union’s Headquarters

In the first season of The Orville, viewers are introduced to the headquarters of the Planetary Union, which is situated at 1 Baxter Way in Westlake Village. This location serves as the central hub for the Union’s operations, where various high-ranking officials, including Captain Ed Mercer and his crew, make critical decisions that impact the fate of the galaxy.

The Planetary Union’s headquarters is a massive complex, featuring state-of-the-art technology and facilities to support the organization’s mission of promoting peace and diplomacy among the different alien species in the universe. It is a bustling center of activity, where Union members from all corners of the galaxy converge to collaborate on initiatives, share knowledge and resources, and discuss the latest interstellar developments.

Apart from its administrative functions, the headquarters is also a symbol of the Union’s commitment to fostering unity and cooperation among diverse cultures. Its prominent location and impressive architecture reflect the organization’s importance and influence in the galaxy, making it a recognizable landmark and a source of pride for all Union members.

Overall, the Planetary Union’s headquarters at 1 Baxter Way in Westlake Village plays a crucial role in The Orville’s universe, serving as a central location for the show’s action and a testament to the Union’s mission and values. MAP IT!!

Although The Orville is set in outer space and features incredible visuals of different planets, species, and spacecraft, the show is actually filmed on Earth. More specifically, the filming locations are in and around Westlake Village, California, and several nearby studios.

The show’s creators and production team have worked hard to bring the unique and futuristic world of The Orville to life, using a combination of practical effects, CGI, and elaborate sets to create the illusion of being in space. For example, the Orville’s bridge is a meticulously crafted set that includes advanced technology and futuristic designs, giving viewers the feeling of being on a spaceship.

Aside from the sets, the show’s filming locations also include various outdoor areas and practical locations that are transformed into different alien worlds through the use of special effects and creative camera angles.

While it would certainly be fascinating to film a show in outer space, we are not yet at the level of technological advancement required to make that a reality. For now, shows like The Orville continue to transport audiences to different worlds through the magic of television and filmmaking.

In addition to filming on a sound stage at Universal Studios Hollywood, several scenes from The Orville were also shot on location at the theme park itself. The park provided a unique backdrop for some of the show’s scenes, with attractions and areas of the park transformed into different alien worlds.

One notable scene from the show’s first season was filmed on the park’s famous Jurassic Park ride. In the scene, characters are seen riding a futuristic version of the ride, which has been modified to simulate the experience of being on a dangerous alien planet.

Other areas of the park were also used for filming, including the lower lot and various sound stages. These locations provided additional opportunities for the production team to create unique and visually stunning scenes, using the park’s attractions and architecture as inspiration for different alien worlds and environments. MAP IT!!

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‘The Orville’

When: 08/11/2017, 20th Century Fox Television

Starring: Scott Grimes, J. Lee, Seth MacFarlane, Victor Garber, Adrianne Palicki

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