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Palm Springs Movie Filming Locations – Twenty Nine Palms, Joshua Tree, CA – 2020 / Netflix

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Palm Springs Movie Filming Locations – Twenty Nine Palms, Joshua Tree, CA – 2020 / Netflix

Wedding Scene

At the enchanting eLBee Acres Ranch nestled in the scenic expanse of Santa Clarita, California, the paths of celebrated actors Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, and J.K. Simmons converged. This idyllic locale provided the perfect backdrop for their encounter, where cinematic talent intertwined with the rustic charm of the ranch’s surroundings. The convergence of these notable figures amid the tranquil beauty of Santa Clarita adds an extra layer of fascination to the story behind the scenes of their collaboration. MAP IT!! 34837 Sweetwater Dr, Santa Clarita, California 91390

Outside Of Cave Entrance

Driven by an intense desperation to escape the relentless curse, Sarah embarks on a relentless quest for a solution. In a poignant moment, Nyles takes on the role of a guide, leading her to the entrance of the fateful cave. This pivotal scene unfolds at the coordinates 15945 E Ave Q, Lake Los Angeles, CA 93591, an address that carries the weight of both their hopes and uncertainties. This instance of guidance and revelation adds a profound layer to their relationship, underscoring the intertwining of their fates as they confront the enigmatic forces that bind them. MAP IT!! 15945 E Ave Q, Lake Los Angeles, CA 93591

The “Cave”

The “cave” depicted in the film is situated in the iconic Bronson Caves of Los Angeles. Within this natural wonder lies the pivotal location where Nyles stumbles upon the mysterious cavern that traps him in an endless cycle of repeating days. The real-life Bronson Caves lend an air of mystique to this cinematic concept, as their rocky embrace becomes the vessel for the film’s captivating time-loop premise. The convergence of fiction and reality in this setting adds a compelling dimension to the narrative’s unfolding. MAP IT!! 3200 Canyon Dr, Los Angeles, California 90068

The Pool House

The captivating film “Palm Springs” found its picturesque backdrop in the stunning locales of Twenty-nine Palms, Joshua Tree, and Palm Springs, California. Each of these locations lent their unique charm to various scenes throughout the movie.

One notable setting is where we witness Nyles, the protagonist, unwinding within the confines of a seemingly random family’s residence. Interestingly, while the narrative places this scene in the city of Palm Springs, it was actually filmed in the captivating city of Twenty Nine Palms. This choice of location adds an unexpected layer of intrigue to the movie’s production. The house, available for stay on platforms like Airbnb, boasts a prime location at the very threshold of the majestic Joshua Tree National Park. This marriage of cinematic illusion and real-world splendor underscores the artistry involved in creating a seamless movie-watching experience. MAP IT. 62323 Onaga Trail, Joshua Tree, California 92252, United States

Scene Movie Quote “What are you doing in our pool”

‘Palm Springs’

Filming Dates: 2022

When: 2023, NETFLIX

Starring: Adam Samberg

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First Published: June 24, 2022, 11:20

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