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Santa Fake New Mexico Filming Locations (2018)

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Santa Fake New Mexico Filming Locations (2018)

Santa Fake New Mexico Filming Locations (2018)

Santa Fake is a quirky new Christmas movie for 2018…

Pat Keeley finds his happiness after being chased by the police and some really bad guys from New York to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he discovers that Santa Clause might not be fake at all.

Where is Santa Fake filming at?

Now filming in many locations around Santa Fe, New Mexico

unknown locations – Got a Tip?


Coming soon!


‘Santa Fake’

When: 11/23/2018, Dirt Floor Revival / Indion Ent Group

Starring: Judd Nelson, John Rhys-Davies, Heather Morris

First Published Dec 28, 2017, 9:55am

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