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Suburbicon (2017) Filming Locations

2017 Movies

Suburbicon (2017) Filming Locations

Suburbicon Filming in North Hollywood

Suburbicon (2017) Filming Locations

“Suburbicon” is a 2017 American comedy film directed by George Clooney and written by Joel and Ethan Coen. The movie’s filming locations played an important role in bringing the story to life and setting the tone for the film.

The film is set in the peaceful and idyllic Suburbicon neighborhood in the late 1950s, where the Lodge family resides. However, their seemingly perfect life is disrupted when two criminals break into their home, resulting in the death of Mrs. Lodge. The incident triggers a chain of events that leads to a darker side of Suburbicon being exposed.

The movie was primarily filmed in Los Angeles, California, which provided a suitable backdrop for the suburban setting of the film. The production team transformed various locations in Los Angeles to recreate the 1950s setting of the movie. For example, they used the Elysian Park neighborhood to depict the Suburbicon neighborhood, while the Mayfair Music Hall in Santa Monica was used to film the movie theater scenes.

Additionally, the production team also filmed some scenes in the city of Fullerton, California, which provided an ideal location for the film’s car chase scenes. The filmmakers also made use of practical effects and sets to recreate the 1950s suburban atmosphere, adding to the film’s overall aesthetic.

Here’s some more filming locations used:

Where is the shopping center located in this scene?

VAN NUYS – Oct, 2016: Production trucks and film crews filled the parking lot of the old “Valley Plaza” in North Hollywood, California this week. George Clooney & Matt Damon were both spotted on-set of their new comedy “Suburicon”

 google map it > Sylvan St. North Hollywood, Ca

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Location #2

10/03/2016 – Suburbicon was also filming down the street from location # 1 at the Valley Plaza Park and Recreation Center

google street view > 12240 Archwood St, North Hollywood, CA 91606
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Location #3

10/15/2016 – The Coen Bros. feature film “Suburbicon” is now filming in Fullerton

google street view > ? ash st. fullerton, CA

Location #4

unknown location

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When: 11/3/2017Paramount Pictures

Starring: Matt DamonOscar IsaacJosh Brolin

Directed By: George Clooney

Written By: George ClooneyEthan Coen

First Published Feb 10, 2017, 9:55am


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