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Sun Dogs (2017) Filming Locations

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Sun Dogs (2017) Filming Locations

Sun Dogs (2017) Filming Locations

‘Sun Dogs’ starring Melissa Benoist, Jennifer Morrison, Ed O’Neill & Xzibit is currently filming in the hills of Santa Clarita, California. This can be linked to the theme of the movie, as it’s about a man who badly wants to join the military. Seeing as it was his 3rd attempt to join, he takes showing off his skills a little too try-hard as attempts to save the planet – 02/02/2017

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Cast & Crew

Directed By: Jennifer Morrison

Written By: Anthony Tambakis

Starring: Melissa Benoist, Jennifer Morrison, Allison Janney, Ed O’Neill, Xzibit, 

About / Plot Summary: The plot of the movie Sun Dogs, produced in 2017, starring Melissa Benoist (Tally Peterson), Jennifer Morrison (Marie), Allison Janney (Rose Chipley), and plenty more, is about a man who wants to badly join the military. However, seeing as it’s his 3rd try to join, he decides he needs to prove his worthiness because of the advice of Ned Chipley to “protect the home front”. He instead takes this too far and the battle ensues as he tries to take down a supposed Al Qaeda mastermind. The movie is also being directed by Jennifer Morrison and is being written by Anthony Tambakis (add about / add plot summary)

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Original Release / Air Date: 2017

Production / Distribution Co: 

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