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The A Word: TV Series (2016 – ) Filming Locations

2016 TV Series

The A Word: TV Series (2016 – ) Filming Locations

The A Word: TV Series (2016 – ) Filming Locations

Location #1

According To TheLocationGuide.Com, the upcoming BBC drama The A Word is being filmed in Keswick and Coniston, both of which are located in the English Lake District read more …

Location #2

The Space Project

google street view > Vaughan St, Manchester M12 5BT, UK

Location #3

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Starring: Morven Christie, Lee Ingleby, Tommie Grabiec


Plot Summary: The Hughes family work and love and fight like every other family. Then, their youngest son is diagnosed with autism and they don’t feel like every other family anymore. (add plot summary)

Casting Info: (add casting info)

Original Release / Air Date: 03/22/2016

Production Co / Distributed By: 

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