The End of the F**king World (2017) Filming Locations

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The End of the F**king World (2017) Filming Locations

The End of the F**king World (2017) Filming Locations

17 Year old James thinks he’s a psychopath. James and Alyssa, the new girl at school, make a connection and the two embark on a wild road-trip in search of Alyssa’s real father

Filming locations

According to user “alfi”, most of the filming took place in Windlesham, Surrey.

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Where is James’ house located?

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James punches his dad:

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Season 1 Episode 4.
Location: Bus Station, The Friary, Guildford, United Kingdom
Scene: Where Alyssa and James went right after they finished cleaning the crime scene that was done by them and also where the place they changed appearances through clothes and hairstyle.
Season 1 Episode 5
Location: H M Supplies, London Road, Camberley, United Kingdom
Scene: Alyssa stole panty and caught by the security.
Location: Thomsett Way, Queenborough, Kent, United Kingdom
Scene: The road with a roundabout when James left the diner.
Location: Sparvell Way, Camberley, United Kingdom
Scene: The Alley where Alyssa saw the 5 yrs. old kid that was reported missing in the store where she stole the panty.
Location: Manor Way, Leysdown-on-Sea, Sheerness, United Kingdom
Scene: Alyssa and James both walked here when they are returning to the Diner to reconcile. It is a small road in the middle of the row of houses.
Season 1 Episode 6
Location: Sheppey Crossing, Sittingbourne, United Kingdom
Scene: The long bridge the Alyssa and James drove using the car that they stole through the knowledge of James in operating cars without keys.
Season 1 Episode 7-8
Location: Leysdown-on-Sea, Isle of Sheppey, United Kingdom
Scene: The beach where the house of Leslie, Alyssa’s father is near and where James run away from the police.

Neighborhood scenes:

Windlesham, Surrey

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Youtube Trailer:

The end of the first episode was filmed in Windlesham, Surrey

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Alyssa and James’ School location:

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One of The Top Ten Greatest American Dining Experiences in the South of England?
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Police department seen in episode 5:

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The Chemist – episode 5:

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‘The End of the F***ing World: Season 1’

When: 2018, NETFLiX

Starring: Jessica Barden, Alex Lawther, Steve Oram

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