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For More Information, Go to >> 2016 FIREBALL RUN: 10th Anniversary

Countdown to Live Production

Western NY to Amesbury, MA
Friday, September 23 – Saturday, October 1, 2016
New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts

The FIREBALL RUN Adventurally is the story of a legendary 8 day, 2000 mile life-sized, trivia pursuit road rally competition and unlike Reality TV, this is real. Join zany driving teams as they race to locate America’s most obscure places & historic artifacts. And it’s all just for bragging rights and a plastic road sign. FIREBALL RUN is a mile-for-mile entertaining, thought provoking and emotional journey which inspires people to take the road less traveled. You may root for all, but only one can win. FIREBALL RUN is a 26 episode streaming series in the U.S., which is televised in foreign markets.

Featured 02/06/16


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