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The Lone Ranger TV Series Chatsworth, CA Filming Locations 1949 – 1957

1940's TV Series

The Lone Ranger TV Series Chatsworth, CA Filming Locations 1949 – 1957

The Lone Ranger TV Series Chatsworth, CA Filming Locations 1949 – 1957

Many locations all over the Los Angeles area were used to create the classic show. Have you ever wondered where that big rock is located that’s shown in the title of The Lone Ranger Shows?

The massive rock that the Lone Ranger gallops up to is located inside the Iverson Movie Ranch that was located in the northern portion of the San Fernando Valley, in Chatsworth, California.

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google map it Iverson Movie Ranch

Many other locations around the Chatsworth area including the old Western town at Spahn Ranch where later the Charles Manson crew took over and made all that bad stuff happened. That place is located right down the street from the Lone Ranger Rock.

The Santa Susanna Pass and Chatsworth Park were both used as the backdrop for the show.

Fun Film Fact: Tons of great TV Shows and movies have been filmed here in Chatsworth including: The Last Man On Earth, Colony and the 1960’s Batman Series.

Here’s a cool view from above the entire area

The next spot on The Lone Ranger tour is the Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio in Santa Clarita, California. This is where some classic films were created such Django, The Last Man On Earth, and HBO’s Westworld.

google map it Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio

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‘The Lone Ranger’

When: 09/15/1949, Apex Film Corp

Starring: Jay Silverheels, Clayton Moore, John Hart

First Published: Aug 2, 2016, 11:10

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