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TV Audience Tickets

TV Audience Tickets

For many different TV Shows you can apply for free tickets to be in the audience of an actual showing. For example, ever wondered where the audience of a show like “The Price is Right” is gathered from? Each of those audience members use a service such as On Camera Audiences to get into the show.

After being chosen for tickets, all you need to do as an audience member is show up to the arrival time listed on the ticket. Stand in line and await your entrance to the magic of Hollywood!

How does it work?

Simply put: every show with an audience needs an audience. So there are many services that allow you to sign up and receive alerts and emails when there are available seats for a particular show. Most of these tickets are given out on a first come, first serve basis so it is advised to arrive early if you are given tickets to a show.

Is it free?

Most of these services are 100% free. How, you ask? Well just remember you are doing them a favor by being an audience member. They should be paying you! No we’re kidding. You get to watch a show be done and see your favorite celebrities  — they fill an audience. Everyone wins.

Click Here for TV show Tickets that are currently available in Los Angeles

Please note that priority tickets are limited.

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