Workaholics: Season 1 (2011) Filming Locations

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Workaholics: Season 1 (2011) Filming Locations

Best N Buds was filmed in Reseda, California

Workaholics: Season 1 (2011) Filming Locations

Where is the Workaholics Filmed?

One of the featured locations in the show is the “Hamlin House” in Van Nuys, California. This is the real-life location where Blake, Adam, and Ders lived in the TV series “Workaholics“.

The house has become an iconic part of the show’s production design and has garnered a dedicated fan following. Located in the East Valley area of Van Nuys, the house serves as a tangible reminder of the show’s roots and has become a must-visit spot for die-hard fans.

The house was featured in the show’s fifth season episode “Front Yard Wrestling”, and a set-pic from that episode can be seen below.

google street view: Hamlin St. Van Nuys, CA

The Continental Liquor Store in Northridge:

One of the filming locations for “Workaholics” is The Continental Liquor Store in Northridge, California. Although the specific episode in which this location was used is unknown, the store’s exterior has been featured in the show’s production. The liquor store can be found at 9114 Balboa Blvd, Northridge, CA 91325, and is a recognizable landmark for fans of the show. The use of real-world locations in “Workaholics” adds a level of authenticity and humor to the show’s already irreverent tone. Thanks to “bean” for the tip on this location. MAP IT!!

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Best Buds Taco And Weed Shop (Bur-Weedo):

One of the real-life locations featured in “Workaholics” is The Athenian Grill, also known as the Best Buds Taco and Weed shop. This location serves as the setting where the characters buy a “Bur-weedo” in the show. Fans can visit the Athenian Grill in person and even take pictures with the iconic sign.

In addition to the weed shop, the Athenian Grill is known for serving up delicious kabobs all year round. The use of real-life locations in the show helps to ground the humor in reality and adds an extra layer of fun for fans who recognize these spots from the series. MAP IT!! Visit the Athenian Grill at 7042 Reseda Blvd, Reseda, CA 91335


When: 2011Comedy Central

Starring: Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Kyle NewacheckMaribeth MonroeJillian BellErik GriffinWaymond LeeBilly StevensonAlex Borstein

Created By: Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm

First Published: Oct 11, 2016, 5:47

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