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Black Mirror Season 6 Filming Locations ‘Mazey Day’ 2023

2023 TV Series

Black Mirror Season 6 Filming Locations ‘Mazey Day’ 2023

A distressed young actress is relentlessly pursued by intrusive paparazzi as she grapples with the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident.

 Emerald Pines Diner

In the intriguing world of Black Mirror Season 6, episode 4, “Mazey Day,” the production team left no stone unturned in their quest for authenticity. One of the standout locations in the episode was the Emerald Pines Diner, a fully replicated diner constructed in a quaint field nestled in the charming town of Ojén.

To bring the captivating narrative to life, the creators of Black Mirror meticulously recreated every detail of an iconic era diner. From its distinctive retro aesthetics to its nostalgic atmosphere, the Emerald Pines Diner transported viewers to a bygone era while exploring the complex relationship between humanity and technology.

The decision to build a full-scale replica of the diner in Ojén, Málaga, Spain showcased the production team’s unwavering dedication to their craft. The picturesque field in this idyllic Spanish town provided an ideal backdrop for the diner, immersing viewers in a world where past and present seamlessly merged.

As audiences embarked on their journey through “Mazey Day,” the Emerald Pines Diner stood as a testament to the meticulous world-building and attention to detail that defines Black Mirror. Each carefully selected location contributes to the overall narrative, enhancing the viewers’ experience and drawing them further into the story’s intricate web. MAP IT!!

East Sunset Motel

Episode “Mazey Day,” took audiences on a captivating journey through the mesmerizing landscapes of the Malaga province in Spain. With its picturesque charm and enchanting ambiance, this location provided the perfect backdrop for the gripping narrative to unfold. One of the notable settings in the episode, the East Sunset Motel, was ingeniously portrayed by the real-life Jose Carlos Hostel situated in the charming town of Puerto de la Torre.

As the camera captured the mystique of Mazey Day, viewers were transported to a world where reality and technology intertwine, blurring the lines between what’s real and what’s virtual. Against the backdrop of the Malaga province’s breathtaking beauty, the storyline delved into the profound implications of human connection in a digitally saturated society.

The Jose Carlos Hostel, skillfully transformed into the East Sunset Motel for the purposes of the episode, added an extra layer of authenticity to the storytelling. Its distinct architecture and unique character seamlessly blended with the overarching themes of the episode, enhancing the viewers’ immersion into the Black Mirror universe.

Mazey Day, with its thought-provoking narrative and captivating visuals, showcased the undeniable allure of the Malaga province. From its sun-kissed beaches to its picturesque streets, this region in Spain provided an extraordinary canvas for the creative vision behind Black Mirror Season 6. By utilizing the Jose Carlos Hostel as a key location, the production team further elevated the episode’s authenticity and showcased the meticulous attention to detail that has come to define the Black Mirror series.

As viewers watched the events of Mazey Day unfold, they couldn’t help but be captivated by the synergy between the episode’s themes, the natural beauty of the Malaga province, and the seamless integration of the Jose Carlos Hostel into the narrative. It was yet another example of how Black Mirror continues to push boundaries, both in storytelling and in the art of creating immersive television experiences. MAP IT!!

Accident Location

For the next location the production team carefully selected the Venta El Túnel restaurant, situated near Malaga, to bring an unforgettable accident scene to life. This pivotal moment in the episode added a thrilling twist to the narrative and showcased the meticulous attention to detail that has become synonymous with the Black Mirror series. MAP IT!! Carretera, MA-3101, km 2, 29014, Spain

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‘Black Mirror Season 6 – Mazey Day’

Filming Dates: 2022

When: June 15, 2023, Netflix

Starring: Zazie Beetz, Clara Rugaard, Danny Ramirez,

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First Published: June 23, 2023, 11:20

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