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Tommy Boy Movie Filming Locations 1995 / Toronto Canada

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Tommy Boy Movie Filming Locations 1995 / Toronto Canada

Tommy Boy Movie Filming Locations 1995 / Toronto Canada

The cult classic “Tommy Boy” starring Chris Farley & David Spade was filmed on location in Toronto and Ontario, Canada with additional scenes done in the United States. For example, have you ever wondered where the University is that Tommy goes to at the beginning of the movie?

The college used in the “Tommy Boy” movie that’s supposed to be Marquette University in Wisconsin, was actually The University College and the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It can be found in the background of the scenes below where Tommy (Chris Farley) realizes he is indeed late for class. view on google street: 15 King’s College Cir, Toronto, ON M5S 3H7, Canada

The Tommy Boy trailer used for the movie is what originally convinced me to see it. Chris Farley and David Spade? That’s the perfect combination for a movie like this. No wonder the movie was so great.

Where’s the Welcome to Sandusky (Sign)

In the hilarious comedy film “Tommy Boy” featuring the comedic genius Chris Farley, keen-eyed viewers may spot an interesting fact about the setting. The movie portrays the college attended by Tommy Boy as being situated in Sandusky, Ohio, a real city in the Buckeye State. However, despite this reference, the majority of the filming for the movie actually took place in Canada.

An intriguing detail for movie enthusiasts is that the “Welcome” sign for Sandusky, Ohio, seen in the film, is not actually located in Ohio but in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. The sign can be found just south of the vibrant Main Street, right in front of Port Hope City Hall, and across from the bandshell. It’s a fascinating bit of trivia that showcases the creative choices made during the production of the movie.

A big thank you goes out to Dave for sharing this valuable tip, helping fans discover the connection between Sandusky, Ohio, and its Canadian counterpart in the movie “Tommy Boy.” So, next time you watch the film, keep an eye out for the Sandusky sign and appreciate the movie magic that seamlessly blends real locations with fictional narratives.

Where is the gas station seen in the film?

The scene in the Tommy Boy movie where Tommy destroys the car was actually filmed on Main Street in Schomberg, Ontario. Presently, there is a small Audi dealer at that location. If you observe closely, you can notice that the buildings are the same, albeit painted in a new color.

map it! 306 Main St Schomberg, Ontario

Thank you Mr E for the tip!

The Callahan Auto Parts Factory

The Callahan Auto Parts factory, which is owned by Tommy’s dad in the Tommy Boy movie, was actually filmed at the Distillery District in Toronto, as a nod to the area’s popularity among loyal Reel Toronto readers.

google street view: Distillery District, Toronto, ON, Canada

Wild Deer In Plymouth GTX

The classic scene in the Tommy Boy movie, where the guys find out they are driving with a wild deer inside the Plymouth GTX, was indeed filmed in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. However, the exact location of the shoot is unknown. Any fans or locals who may recognize the area can send in a tip Here!

As of now, there is no available information about the location of the Minneapolis 285 Miles sign seen in the movie. However, will keep an eye out for any potential leads from fans or locals who may have recognized the area where the sign was filmed, as this may provide clues about the location. Got a Tip?

Maniac! Maniac!

In the Tommy Boy movie, there is a scene where Chris Farley sings the classic “Maniac” song while being hosed down by Rob Lowe at a gas station. This gas station was actually real and was located in Newmarket, Ontario, specifically on Main Street and Davis Drive. However, the gas station is no longer there and has been replaced by an empty lot.

Tip courtesy of Steve!

A while later the boys pass another sign “Duluth Mile 44”.

unknown location – Got a Tip? 

unknown location – Got a Tip? 

The Zalinsky Car Parts commercial seen in the film was also filmed somewhere in Ontario. Location unknown – Got a Tip? 

Some unknown scenes were supposedly filmed at the El Mirage Dry Lake in Adelanto, CA  92301 

The Midwest National Auto Parts location

unknown location – Got a Tip? 

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‘Tommy Boy’ Rated: PG-13

Directed by: Peter Segal

Released: 3/31/1995, Paramount Pictures

Starring: Chris FarleyDavid Spade, Brian Dennehy

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