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Boyz N The Hood Filming Locations – South Los Angeles / 1991

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Boyz N The Hood Filming Locations – South Los Angeles / 1991

Boyz N The Hood Filming Locations – South Los Angeles / 1991

“Boyz N The Hood” emerged as an iconic and widely discussed film from the vibrant era of the 1990s. This influential masterpiece, featuring a stellar cast including Cuba Gooding Jr., Laurence Fishburne, Hudhail Al-Amir, Ice Cube, and Morris Chestnut, captivated audiences worldwide. Set against the backdrop of South Los Angeles, California, the movie’s raw and compelling narrative unfolded on location, providing an authentic and immersive experience for viewers.

The film delved into the lives of young African Americans growing up in a challenging environment, grappling with the realities of gang violence, poverty, and systemic injustice. Through powerful performances and an emotionally charged storyline, “Boyz N The Hood” shed light on the struggles and resilience of these individuals, offering a thought-provoking exploration of race, community, and identity.

By choosing to film on location in South Los Angeles, the production team captured the essence and authenticity of the community. The vibrant streets, neighborhood landmarks, and cultural nuances became integral components of the film, further enhancing its impact. This decision allowed the audience to immerse themselves in the characters’ world, providing a deeper understanding of the social and cultural context surrounding their experiences.

“Boyz N The Hood” not only achieved critical acclaim but also sparked important conversations about the challenges faced by marginalized communities. Its poignant storytelling, combined with the outstanding performances of the cast, made it a standout film of its time. Through its thought-provoking themes and powerful portrayal of South Los Angeles, the movie continues to resonate with audiences, cementing its status as a timeless cinematic gem that remains relevant even in the present day.

The Styles Residence

Embarking on the Boyz N The Hood filming locations tour, our first stop takes us to the iconic Styles Residence. Nestled at 5918 Cimarron St. in Los Angeles, California, this address served as the backdrop for some of the film’s most memorable scenes.

As we arrive at this residential neighborhood, we find ourselves transported back to the early ’90s, immersing ourselves in the world of Tre Styles, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. This modest yet significant location symbolized the heart of the film, where Tre navigated the challenges of growing up in South Los Angeles.

While standing outside the Styles Residence, take a moment to reflect on the impact of “Boyz N The Hood” and its portrayal of life in this neighborhood. The film shed light on the realities faced by many individuals living in similar communities, bringing attention to the systemic issues that often perpetuate cycles of violence and inequality. MAP IT!!

The Baker Home

google street view: 5911 Cimarron St, Los Angeles, CA 90047

Furious Styles Teaching

Continuing our Boyz N The Hood filming locations tour, our next stop takes us to an empty lot located at the intersection of 3500 27th and 5th in Los Angeles, California. This significant setting served as the backdrop for an impactful scene in the film where Furious Styles, portrayed by Laurence Fishburne, imparts wisdom to his son and friends about the issue of gentrification.

As we stand in front of this vacant lot, we can envision Furious passionately addressing the group, highlighting the effects of gentrification on their community. This powerful moment in the film sheds light on the displacement and cultural shifts that occur when wealthier individuals and businesses move into historically marginalized neighborhoods.

The choice to film this scene at an actual empty lot in Los Angeles adds an extra layer of authenticity to the film. It reinforces the film’s commitment to depicting real-life issues faced by communities like the one portrayed in Boyz N The Hood. By utilizing a real location, the filmmakers further connect the audience to the struggles and concerns expressed in the scene.

As we reflect on this pivotal moment in the film, let us also consider the broader implications of gentrification in communities around the world. The empty lot at 3500 27th and 5th serves as a reminder of the ongoing battles against displacement and the importance of preserving the cultural fabric of neighborhoods.

Standing here, we honor the powerful performance of Laurence Fishburne as Furious Styles and the film’s dedication to shedding light on social issues. Let us continue our journey through the Boyz N The Hood filming locations, recognizing the impact of this film in sparking conversations about gentrification, community resilience, and the importance of preserving the unique character of neighborhoods. MAP IT!!

Brandi’s House

As our Boyz N The Hood filming locations tour progresses, we arrive at 5906 Cimarron St in Los Angeles, California. This address holds special significance as it served as the residence of Brandi, played by Nia Long, in the film.

Approaching 5906 Cimarron St, we can visualize the scenes in which Brandi’s character came to life, adding depth and emotional complexity to the story. This house, nestled within the neighborhood, played an integral role in portraying the personal struggles and relationships depicted in Boyz N The Hood.

5906 Cimarron St stands as a testament to the film’s commitment to portraying the community and the characters’ lives with accuracy and sincerity. As we continue our journey through the Boyz N The Hood filming locations, let us honor the significance of this house and the powerful performances that made it an integral part of the film’s narrative tapestry. MAP IT!!

Football Doughboy

Where did Doughboy try to get the football back after Rob takes it? 6012 S. Wilton Place, Los Angeles

Tre’s Made-Up Girlfriend’s Home

Where is the home of Tre’s made-up girlfriend? 5330 Chelsey Avenue, Los Angeles

Furious Styles Office

Where is Furious Styles office? 2424 W. Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles

Furious Talk To Tre

Where does Furious talk to Tre about life? W. 27th Street And S. 5th Avenue, Los Angeles

Cruising On Crenshaw

Where was “cruising on Crenshaw” scenes filmed? 3833 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90008

Tre And Ricky Get Harassed Cops

Where does Tre and Ricky get harassed by the cops? 3875 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles

8th Liquor Store

Where is the 8th Liquor Store located? 6007 8th Avenue, Los Angeles

Burger Spot

The Burger spot location? 3715 S. Santa Rosalia Drive, Los Angeles

Revenge In A Parking-Lot

Where is the parking-lot where Darren and his friends get their revenge? The Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza located at 3650 W. Martin Luther King Junior Blvd, Los Angeles.  Thank you “JD” for the tip!

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‘Boyz N The Hood’

When: 7/12/1991,

Starring: Cuba Gooding Jr., Laurence Fishburne, Hudhail Al-Amir, Ice Cube

Directed By: John Singleton

Written By: John Singleton

First Published Feb 29, 2016, 9:55am

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