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American Horror Story “Murder House” Filming Location – Season 1 / Hollywood Landmark

2011 TV Series

American Horror Story “Murder House” Filming Location – Season 1 / Hollywood Landmark

American Horror Story 'Murder House' Hollywood Filming Location

American Horror Story “Murder House” Filming Location – Season 1 / Hollywood Landmark

The hauntingly iconic Murder House, forever etched in the minds of American Horror Story fans, is nestled within the enchanting Westchester Place neighborhood of Hollywood, California. This architectural masterpiece, brought to life by the creative genius of Ryan Murphy, stands as a chilling testament to the show’s legacy.

Concealed behind an unassuming façade, this historical abode exudes an air of mystery and darkness. Its towering presence, adorned with ornate detailing and striking Victorian elements, casts a shadow over the tranquil streets of Westchester Place. The house’s brooding aura and twisted history make it a captivating subject of speculation and urban legend, captivating the imaginations of those who dare to explore its secrets.

Once you step inside the Murder House, the atmosphere becomes palpable, sending shivers down your spine. Each room holds its own eerie tale, echoing the lingering spirits of its former inhabitants. The walls whisper of unspeakable horrors and tragic events that unfolded within these very confines, weaving a tapestry of despair and dread.

From the grandiose entrance hall to the dimly lit parlor, every inch of this mansion harbors a chilling story waiting to be unearthed. The haunted halls bear witness to a macabre collection of restless souls, trapped within its spectral embrace. Ghostly apparitions and disembodied whispers evoke an otherworldly presence, leaving visitors both fascinated and unsettled by the palpable energy that saturates the air.

Beyond its supernatural reputation, the Murder House boasts an architectural allure that is both captivating and sinister. Its imposing structure, adorned with intricate carvings and stained glass windows, stands as a testament to a bygone era. The contrasting blend of beauty and darkness mirrors the duality of the show itself, drawing admirers from far and wide who yearn to experience its enigmatic allure firsthand.

As the seasons of American Horror Story unfold, new tales of terror take center stage, captivating audiences with their unique settings and chilling narratives. However, the Murder House remains an indelible cornerstone of the series, an atmospheric setting that set the stage for the horrors yet to come. Its haunted halls continue to beckon the curious and the brave, inviting them to step into the heart of darkness and uncover the secrets that lie within its formidable walls.

So, venture forth into the enigmatic Westchester Place neighborhood of Hollywood, where the Murder House stands as a timeless testament to the enduring power of American Horror Story. But be forewarned: once you enter, you may never escape the clutches of its chilling embrace.


While the allure of the Murder House is undeniably captivating, it’s important to note that visitors are not granted access to the property itself. However, for those intrigued by its enigmatic presence, the eerie and haunting exterior can still be observed from the safety of the street.

If you decide to embark on a journey to catch a glimpse of this infamous residence and capture a photograph as a memento, it is crucial to exercise caution and respect for the supernatural activity associated with the house. The Murder House has acquired a reputation for being a site of paranormal encounters and unexplained phenomena.

As you approach the vicinity, a sense of unease might begin to wash over you, heightening your awareness of the ethereal energies that are said to linger within its walls. Some witnesses have reported strange occurrences, such as flickering lights, phantom footsteps, and whispers in the wind.

While it may be tempting to venture closer or explore the surrounding area in search of a more intimate encounter, it is imperative to prioritize your safety and well-being. Remember, the spirits that reside within the Murder House are not to be taken lightly, and engaging with them without proper knowledge or respect can lead to unforeseen consequences.

Additionally, it is crucial to adhere to any regulations or instructions provided by local authorities or property owners regarding access to the area. The privacy and security of the current occupants should always be respected.

So, if you choose to embark on a pilgrimage to witness the foreboding presence of the Murder House, do so with reverence, caution, and a deep appreciation for the supernatural realm that permeates its surroundings. And perhaps, as you stand in its chilling presence, you may catch a glimpse of the shadows and mysteries that continue to haunt this iconic landmark of American Horror Story.

The Iconic Murder House Location

Indeed, for those unable to visit the Murder House in person, modern technology offers a unique opportunity to experience its spine-chilling atmosphere. By utilizing Google Street View, one can embark on a virtual journey to the infamous location at Westchester Place, Los Angeles.

With just a few clicks, you can immerse yourself in a digital exploration of the eerie neighborhood, allowing you to catch a glimpse of the haunting exterior of the Murder House. As you navigate through the streets from the comfort of your own home, you can witness the enigmatic residence that has left an indelible mark on American Horror Story fans.

However, while this virtual visit may provide a taste of the house’s chilling presence, it cannot fully capture the palpable energy and supernatural ambiance that is said to envelop the site. The true essence of the Murder House lies within its haunted halls and hidden corners, waiting to be experienced firsthand by those brave enough to venture close.

For those seeking a more immersive encounter, a drive-by of the location remains an option worth considering. With caution and respect for the privacy of the current occupants, you can approach the neighborhood and witness the ominous allure of the Murder House from the vantage point of your vehicle. Remember to adhere to any local regulations and be mindful of private property boundaries during your visit.

Whether exploring virtually or embarking on a drive-by, the mystique surrounding the Murder House will undoubtedly send shivers down your spine. Its chilling legacy and enigmatic presence continue to captivate the imagination, leaving a lasting impression on all who dare to seek out this iconic location. MAP IT!! Westchester Pl, Los Angeles, California

Murder House Seen In Season 1 Episode 7 Of American Horror Stories

AHS Live Set Inside Murder House

In September 2018, there was a significant amount of buzz surrounding the infamous Murder House, as it had been chosen as the filming location for Season 8 of American Horror Story, Apocalypse. The production crews were seen in large numbers, working tirelessly to bring the show to life.

The Murder House, located in Los Angeles, California, has a dark and disturbing history that perfectly aligned with the themes of the show. With its eerie atmosphere and haunting past, the location provided an ideal backdrop for the intense and spine-chilling scenes that would be captured on camera.

As filming continued, rumors began to circulate about the plot of the new season, and fans eagerly anticipated the release of the first episode. It was clear that the production team had spared no expense in their efforts to create a truly terrifying and unforgettable experience for viewers.

The filming at the Murder House was a clear indication that Season 8 of American Horror Story was going to be a standout season, and fans eagerly awaited its release. With its talented cast, gripping storyline, and hauntingly beautiful cinematography, Apocalypse did not disappoint, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats and craving more. READ MORE HERE!!


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American Horror Stories Series

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‘American Horror Story – Season 1 Murder House’

When: 2011, FX

Starring: Connie BrittonDylan McDermottEvan PetersAngela BassettSarah PaulsonDenis O’Hare

Written By:Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk

First Published: Jan 15, 2017, 23:24

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