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American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson (2016) Filming Locations – FX Original Series

2016 TV Series

American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson (2016) Filming Locations – FX Original Series

American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson (2016) Filming Locations – FX Original Series

LOS ANGELES – Many of the actual locations that were part of the trial-of-the-century were used in the production of the series. From Nicole Brown Simpson’s condo to the Kardashian’s original Encino home, Ryan Murphy was adamant about making the series feel as real as possible. 

Location #1

O.J. Simpson’s house in the series was not O.J’s house in real life. The Rockingham home was torn down in 1998 due to the overwhelming amount of traffic the trial caused in the once quiet neighborhood.

The Beverly Hills mansion used in the series is located about 7 miles away from the original house

House used in the show: Map It: Rexford Dr. Beverly Hills, CA

OJ’s real house location: Map It: 360 N Rockingham Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049


Nicole Brown Simpson’s home

google street view: Bundy St. Brentwood, CA

 The 405 Fwy Bronco Chase in Los Angeles – was not filmed on the 405.

A sequence on a mile-long stretch of the 710 South in Alhambra was used as the 405 Fwy

google street view: 710 South | 10 East | 10 West | Interchange





 ENCINO, CA – Mar, 2015:  The original Kardashian’s Encino home was used in the series

google earth view: Mandalay Dr, Encino, CA 91436


“This is the actual house that OJ Simpson used as a hideout in 1994”


The People V. OJ Simpson 
The People V. OJ Simpson2

 Los Angeles County Court House

google street view: 235 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90012


hollywoodfilminglocations-available-on-itunes-logo The-People-Vs-OJ-Simpson-american-crime-story-filming-locations-poster

Behind The Scenes | It Was Filmed Here | Where Was It Filmed?

‘American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson’

When: 2/10/2016, FX

Starring: John TravoltaSarah PaulsonCuba Gooding Jr.Christian ClemensonDavid SchwimmerSterling K. BrownKenneth Choi

Written By: Brian Katkin

First Published: May 7, 2016, 1:09

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