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Say Anything Filming Locations North Hollywood, CA / 1989

1989 Movies

Say Anything Filming Locations North Hollywood, CA / 1989

Boombox Scene

The iconic scene from the 1989 film “Say Anything” featuring Lloyd Dobler holding up a boombox outside his love interest’s window, is one of the most memorable moments in romantic movie history. The scene was filmed at 11430 Chandler Boulevard, a location that has now become a popular tourist spot for fans of the movie.

Located in North Hollywood, California, this address has become a must-visit destination for movie enthusiasts, particularly those who love the romantic comedy genre. The site has become a popular location for taking photographs and recreating the famous boombox scene.

Interestingly, the filming of this scene was not without its challenges. The boombox that John Cusack, who played Lloyd Dobler, held above his head was actually a heavy prop that required a lot of effort to hold for an extended period. Nevertheless, the scene was executed flawlessly, and it has remained etched in the minds of movie lovers for over three decades. MAP IT!!


One of the most iconic moments in “Say Anything” is the scene where Lloyd brushes glass out of Diane’s path, which instantly won the hearts of female moviegoers everywhere. Interestingly, this romantic moment was added to the film months after the initial filming had wrapped.

The scene was shot in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven on Magnolia Boulevard in North Hollywood, which is a markedly unromantic location. However, the location was chosen for practical reasons, as it provided a neutral backdrop that did not distract from the movie’s romantic moment. MAP IT!! 11340 Magnolia Blvd. North Hollywood

Cory Flood House Location

In “Say Anything,” the character Corey, played by Lili Taylor, calls a beautiful house in Ballard her home. The house, located at 6527 Parker Court Northwest, Seattle, WA 98117, boasts an incredible view of Shilshole Bay and the surrounding mountains.

The house’s location was perfect for the film, as it provided an ideal setting for many of the movie’s key scenes. The house’s design is unique, with a distinct, angular architecture that added to the film’s aesthetic appeal. It is no wonder that the house has become a popular tourist destination for fans of the movie. MAP IT!!

Lloyd’s Apartment Building

Lloyd’s apartment building, where he lives with his sister and nephew in “Say Anything,” is located in the San Gabriel Valley. The two-story complex is situated in Monrovia and remains largely unchanged 35 years after the movie was released.

In the film, the apartment serves as an important setting for many of the movie’s key scenes, particularly those involving Lloyd’s relationships with his family members. The actual interior of Unit #3, where Lloyd’s bathroom is located and where he calls Diane for the first time, was utilized in the movie, adding to the authenticity of the film’s setting.

While the iconic boombox scene in “Say Anything” was filmed at 11430 Chandler Boulevard in North Hollywood, California, the production team also chose other locations to shoot various scenes in the movie. One such location was Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In the movie, Kitsilano Beach serves as the backdrop for several scenes featuring Lloyd Dobler and his love interest, Diane Court, played by Ione Skye. The beach’s picturesque location, with its stunning views of the ocean and mountains, made it a perfect location for the film’s romantic and reflective moments.

‘Say Anything’

Filming Dates: Sept 1988 – Nov 1988

When: 04/14/1989, Twentieth Century Fox

Starring: John Cusack, Ione Skye, John Mahoney,

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First Published: April 12, 2023, 11:22

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