Christmas Vacation Filming Locations – San Fernando Valley & Colorado / 1989

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Christmas Vacation Filming Locations – San Fernando Valley & Colorado / 1989

Christmas Vacation Filming Locations – San Fernando Valley & Colorado / 1989

Clark and Eddie Shop For Dog Food

The memorable scene from Christmas Vacation, where Clark and Eddie embark on a shopping trip for their furry friends and Eddie shamelessly asks for money, was actually filmed on location at a Wal-Mart in Frisco, Colorado. This particular Wal-Mart is nestled in the picturesque town of Frisco and can be found at 840 Summit Blvd, Frisco, Colorado.

With its stunning mountain views and cozy atmosphere, Frisco was the perfect backdrop for this classic holiday movie. Fans of the film can even pay a visit to this iconic Wal-Mart location to relive the hilarity of this scene in person. MAP IT!!

The Classic Sledding Scene

Another iconic scene from Christmas Vacation that captures the spirit of the holiday season is the sledding scene. Interestingly, the top-of-the-hill scene was filmed at the Breckenridge Ski Area on Peak 8, which is located in the stunning Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The ski resort provided the perfect setting for this wintertime activity, with its pristine snow-covered slopes and breathtaking views. As “Clark” rides down the hill on his silicone-sprayed saucer, the camera captures the exhilarating rush of sledding down the mountain.

However, the scene takes a hilarious turn when “Clark” finds himself careening out of control and onto the road, where he must dodge oncoming traffic and then finally crashes into the Toys For Tots bin in front of the Wal-Mart in Frisco. before coming to a stop. This bottom-of-the-hill scene was actually filmed back in the Walmart parking lot in . The same store where Eddie and Clark buy supplies and the sleds is located at 840 Summit Blvd, Frisco, Colorado.

This comical twist adds to the charm of the scene and highlights the unpredictable nature of the holiday season. Fans of the movie can visit the Breckenridge Ski Area to experience the thrill of sledding down the same hill where the iconic scene was filmed. MAP IT!!

Road Rage Scene

One of the most memorable scenes from Christmas Vacation is when the Griswolds head out to the countryside in search of the perfect Christmas tree. However, things take a wild turn when Clark engages in a road-rage competition with two rednecks, which ultimately leads to them finding themselves underneath a logging truck. This chaotic scene was actually filmed north of Silverthorne near the Maryland Creek Ranch aka LG Everist.

The location provided the perfect backdrop for the scene, with its winding mountain roads and beautiful scenery. As the Griswold’s car careens down the road in pursuit of the rednecks, viewers are treated to stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The action culminates in a hilarious sequence where the Griswold’s car gets trapped under a logging truck, much to the amusement of viewers. The exact location is unknown – Got A Tip?

Today, fans of the movie can visit this picturesque location to relive the memorable scene and soak in the natural beauty of the area. With its stunning mountain vistas and pristine wilderness, it’s easy to see why this location was chosen for such an iconic moment in the film.

Griswold Wagon Jumps Into Christmas Tree Parking Lot

Tiger Road Between Highlands Drive And Braddock Drive, Breckenridge, Colorado

Christmas Tree Cutting Scene

The great Christmas Tree cutting scene was filmed near the Breckenridge Golf Club at Tiger Road. MAP IT!!

Clark and Rusty Christmas Shopping

The timeless Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation, is full of iconic scenes that have become ingrained in the hearts of fans everywhere. One such memorable moment in the film is when the hapless yet charming Clark finds himself caught in a flirtatious exchange with a gorgeous woman by his clever son, Rusty, played by Johnny Galecki of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ fame. This classic scene was actually filmed inside the stunning Bullocks Wilshire Building, which is located at 3050 Wilshire Boulevard in the bustling city of Los Angeles, California.

This art deco gem has a rich history, having been built in the 1920s as a high-end department store. Today, the Bullocks Wilshire Building serves as a popular filming location, thanks to its timeless beauty and grand architecture.

The scene featuring Clark and Rusty was expertly shot inside this iconic building, perfectly capturing the old Hollywood glamour that it exudes. As fans of the movie, it’s always exciting to learn about the real-life locations where our favorite scenes were filmed, and the Bullocks Wilshire Building is certainly one location that has become synonymous with this classic moment in Christmas Vacation. MAP IT!!

Where’s The Christmas Vacation House?

The iconic house featured in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is located at 1326 Blondie Street on the Warner Bros. Ranch in Burbank, California.

This picturesque location is well-known for its use as a backdrop for various movies and TV shows due to its stunning scenery and versatility.

Clark Griswald and his family lived in this house, which became a significant element of the movie’s narrative. The house’s exterior design, complete with its iconic holiday decorations and lighting, perfectly captures the spirit of the holiday season.

The interior of the house also features prominently in the movie, with scenes of chaos and hilarity unfolding throughout the various rooms, was actually filmed on a sound-stage located inside Warner Bros. Studios.


The house’s location on the Warner Bros. Ranch adds to its significance in the world of cinema, as it has been used as a filming location for countless productions over the years. Its versatility and natural beauty have made it a favorite among directors and producers, who continue to use it to this day. MAP IT!! or view on google street view 1326 Blondie Street, Burbank

Fun Film Fact #1:  This is the same house used in many movies including: American BeautyPleasantville and many many more…

Fun Film Fact #2:  Clark is locked in the attic and watches old family movies… His childhood house is the exterior of the 1970’s TV series Bewitched, located on West Oak Street, to the left, and 2 doors down from the Griswald house.

Fun Film Fact #3: The Partridge Family house, located at 1163 Morning Glory Circle, was also the home of Gladys and Abner Kravitz in Bewitched.

Fun Film Fact #4:  Clark’s neighbor’s house is Danny Glover’s house in Lethal Weapon 1

The Pool Scene

The Griswold family’s house in the movie Christmas Vacation is one of the most iconic movie sets in film history, and fans of the movie may be interested to know that the pool used in the film is located just across the street from the house. This pool, which has been used in countless TV shows and movies over the years, is tucked away behind some trees on Blondie Street, adding to its charm and mystique.

The pool’s location on a Hollywood backlot has made it a popular spot for filmmakers, who appreciate the versatility and convenience that it offers.

Despite its frequent use in other productions, the pool will forever be associated with the Griswold family and their zany antics during the holiday season.

For fans of the movie, it’s always fun to learn about the real-life locations used in the making of their favorite films, and the pool on Blondie Street is certainly one of the most interesting and iconic locations associated with Christmas Vacation.

Where Did Clark’s Boss Live?

Christmas Vacation is full of memorable scenes, and the one where Eddie kidnaps Mr. Shirley from his home is no exception. In this scene, Eddie is seen listening to the address of Mr. Shirley’s house, which Clark describes as being located on Melody Lane. Interestingly, the real house used as Clark’s boss’s home was not actually located on Melody Lane, but rather at 727 West Kenneth Road in Glendale, California. This stunning home is known as the Mattison Boyd Jones House and boasts a rich history and architectural beauty.

Built in 1927, the Mattison Boyd Jones House is a prime example of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and features a red-tiled roof, stucco walls, and intricate details such as wrought iron accents and arched doorways. The house’s grandeur and elegance made it the perfect setting for the home of Clark’s wealthy boss, Mr. Shirley. Fans of the movie can visit the Mattison Boyd Jones House to see the stunning architecture and imagine the hilarious scenes that took place within its walls during the filming of Christmas Vacation. MAP IT!!

Other movies filmed by include: Better Off Dead at 1636 Virginia Ave

and Superbad, glendale Jons International Marketplace

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‘Christmas Vacation’

When: 12/01/1989Warner Bros.

Starring: Chevy ChaseBeverly D’AngeloJuliette Lewis

Written By: John Hughes

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