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White Men Cant Jump Filming Locations – 2023 Venice, Beach / HULU

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White Men Cant Jump Filming Locations – 2023 Venice, Beach / HULU has been buzzing with excitement lately, as it has received a deluge of tips from its sources indicating that a new installment of the popular White Men Can’t Jump movie franchise is in the works. According to the insider information, the film is currently being shot on location in the sunny seaside town of Venice Beach, California.

What’s more, the new movie is set to feature a star-studded cast, with Jack Harlow taking on the iconic role of Billy Hoyle, originally played by Woody Harrelson in the 1992 hit film. Meanwhile, Sinqua Walls has been cast to portray the character of Sidney Deane, made famous by Wesley Snipes in the original movie.

Fans of the beloved sports comedy can hardly contain their excitement, as they eagerly await the release of this highly anticipated sequel. With its star-studded cast, picturesque location, and beloved characters, the new White Men Can’t Jump movie promises to be a must-see for movie buffs and sports fans alike. MAP IT!!

High School Gym

Updated 5/19

The highly awaited 2023 revival of the classic film “White Men Can’t Jump” brings forth an unforgettable moment as Sidney and Billy cross paths for the first time on a vibrant basketball court. While fans have been eager to discover the whereabouts of the High School Gym featured in this pivotal scene, its exact location has remained shrouded in mystery. Fortunately, a remarkable breakthrough occurred when user Jason shared an incredible tip with us, unveiling the hidden gem—the gym court is none other than the esteemed Susan Miller Dorsey High School, nestled in the heart of South LA, near the captivating Crenshaw/Baldwin Hills vicinity. This revelation adds a new layer of excitement for fans and allows them to connect with the film’s iconic scene in a tangible way, immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of basketball culture within this vibrant community.

Fun Film Fact: Dorsey High School has played host to numerous notable productions throughout the years, showcasing its versatility as a filming location. Among the standout films that have utilized this iconic setting are the blockbuster hit “Spider-Man” (2002), the dark comedy “Jawbreaker” (1999), and the heartwarming “Eyeball Eddie” (2001). Additionally, the highly anticipated film “The Fabelmans” (2022) also found inspiration within the hallowed halls of Dorsey High School. These are just a few examples of the diverse range of productions that have chosen this location to bring their stories to life. Dorsey High School’s rich cinematic history continues to grow, solidifying its reputation as a beloved destination for filmmakers seeking an authentic backdrop for their creations. MAP IT!!

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‘White Men Can’t Jump’

Filming Dates: 2022

When: 05-19-2023, HULU

Starring: Sinqua Walls, Jack Harlow

Tips Provided By: gina, Jason

First Published: April 28, 2023, 11:20

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