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Squid Game Filming Locations Season 1 – Seoul, Korea / Netflix 2021

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2021 TV Series

Squid Game Filming Locations Season 1 – Seoul, Korea / Netflix 2021

Season 1 of the highly captivating series, “Squid Game,” took viewers on a thrilling journey through the streets of Seoul, South Korea, showcasing the vibrant backdrop of a city where numerous Korean shows and movies have come to life. Crafted by the brilliant mind of Hwang Dong-hyuk, this gripping survival drama has garnered worldwide acclaim and left audiences eagerly awaiting the next season. The talented ensemble cast, led by the remarkable performances of Park Hae-soo and Wi Ha-Joon, among others, brought the characters to life with their impeccable acting skills.

The filming locations of “Squid Game” offer fans a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of the show. Many of these captivating spots have become popular destinations, where visitors can explore and capture unforgettable moments to share on their social media platforms. Whether you’re posing for Instagram-worthy pictures or indulging in the joy of taking selfies, these locations provide an extraordinary backdrop that will transport you into the gripping narrative of the series.

Venturing through the streets of Seoul, you can retrace the footsteps of the characters and relive the intense moments that unfolded in each scene. From the bustling cityscape to the atmospheric alleyways, every corner holds the potential for an extraordinary adventure. The opportunity to stand where the characters stood and experience the emotions they felt adds a layer of connection and excitement for fans of the show.

Whether you’re strolling through the neon-lit streets of Gangnam, wandering amidst the vibrant stalls of Namdaemun Market, or exploring the hidden gems in Incheon, these iconic filming locations will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on your Squid Game experience. So grab your camera, embrace the thrill, and embark on a captivating journey through the world of “Squid Game” as you capture your own memories in these mesmerizing settings.

Remember to respect the filming locations and their surroundings while enjoying your visit. Let the magic of “Squid Game” guide you as you explore Seoul, where reality and fiction seamlessly intertwine, creating an unforgettable adventure for all who dare to delve into this gripping tale.

The Arcade

The Arcade where Gi-hun tries to win a present for his daughter in Episode 1, called the Pokopang arcade, is a location where many shows and movies are filmed. Depending on the requirements of the director the location can be retrofit for any scene. In this case, the scene was for an Arcade. Map it!! 59 Deongneung-ro 60ga-gil, Chang-dong, Dobong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

The Fish Market

One of the memorable locations in “Squid Game” is the fish market run by Sang-Woo’s mother. Interestingly, this market exists in real life and can be found on Samyang-ro street in Seoul, South Korea. The scenes featuring this market were filmed at the Baegun Market, which is situated at 36 Samyang-ro 154-gil, Ssangmun-dong, Dobong-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Visiting the Baegun Market allows fans of the show to step into the world of “Squid Game” and witness firsthand the bustling atmosphere that was captured on screen. As you walk through the market’s vibrant stalls, you can envision the characters going about their daily lives, adding an extra layer of immersion to your experience.

The Baegun Market is not only a significant filming location but also a bustling hub of activity in its own right. It offers visitors the opportunity to explore a diverse array of fresh seafood, local delicacies, and various other products that are integral to the vibrant culinary culture of Seoul. Immerse yourself in the lively ambiance, interact with the friendly vendors, and savor the flavors that make this market a beloved destination among locals and tourists alike.

While exploring the Baegun Market, remember to embrace the spirit of the show and appreciate the authenticity of this real-life location. Capture the essence of the market through your photographs and create lasting memories as you relive the moments that unfolded within its vibrant surroundings.

So, venture to the Baegun Market on Samyang-ro street in Seoul and discover the intersection of fiction and reality as you explore the same space that brought “Squid Game” to life. Experience the sights, sounds, and flavors of this bustling market, and let yourself be captivated by the magic that lies within its vibrant stalls and energetic atmosphere. MAP IT!! 36 Samyang-ro 154-gil, Ssangmun-dong, Dobong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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The Convenience Store (Dosirak)

In “Squid Game,” there is a heartwarming scene where Gi-hun and The Old Man, known as #001, share a moment over a bottle of wine in a convenience store called dosirak. Remarkably, this store is not a fictional creation but a real establishment known as CU Ssangmun uicheon Branch Market. It is situated in Dobong-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

If you wish to immerse yourself in the world of “Squid Game” and relive this touching scene, a visit to the CU Ssangmun uicheon Branch Market will allow you to do just that. As you step into the store, you can envision the characters and their interactions, bringing the show’s emotions to life within the familiar surroundings.

CU Ssangmun uicheon Branch Market is not only a filming location but also a functioning convenience store catering to the needs of local residents and visitors. You can explore the aisles, browse through the products, and perhaps even find the exact spot where Gi-hun and The Old Man shared their poignant moment.

While visiting the CU Ssangmun uicheon Branch Market, it is essential to respect the store’s regular operations and the privacy of its customers. Capture the essence of the scene with your camera or simply take a moment to reflect on the connection between fiction and reality that this location represents.

Embark on your own personal journey through “Squid Game” as you visit the CU Ssangmun uicheon Branch Market in Dobong-gu, Seoul. Let the store’s ambiance transport you back to the emotional depth of that shared moment, allowing you to appreciate the intersection of storytelling and everyday life in a truly unique way. MAP IT!! 11 Uicheon-ro 39-gil, Ssangmun-dong, Dobong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Pick-up Location

In the gripping first episode of “Squid Game,” Gi-hun’s journey begins as he gets picked up to participate in the deadly competition. The pick-up location depicted in the show can be found across the street from the IFC Mall on Yeoui-dong street, near the Shinhan Bank and a 7-Eleven.

If you’re a fan of the series and want to recreate the suspenseful atmosphere of that pivotal moment, a visit to this location will transport you into the world of “Squid Game.” As you stand across from the IFC Mall and gaze upon the Shinhan Bank and 7-Eleven, you’ll be reminded of the intense emotions that unfolded during Gi-hun’s initiation into the games.

While the pick-up location serves as a powerful reminder of the show’s narrative, it’s important to note that the actual events of “Squid Game” are fictional. Nonetheless, being in this vicinity allows fans to connect with the series and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into bringing the story to life.

As you explore Yeoui-dong street and its surroundings, take a moment to reflect on the thrilling moments that unfolded in “Squid Game.” Capture the essence of the scene through photographs or simply immerse yourself in the ambiance, letting your imagination fill in the gaps between fiction and reality.

Remember to be respectful of the area’s regular activities and be mindful of any regulations or restrictions in place. While this location holds significance for fans, it remains an everyday part of the bustling city of Seoul.

So, venture to Yeoui-dong street across from the IFC Mall, near the Shinhan Bank and 7-Eleven, and feel the excitement of that pivotal pick-up scene in “Squid Game.” Allow yourself to be captivated by the connections between the fictional world and the reality that surrounds you, as you delve into the gripping narrative that has captivated audiences worldwide. MAP IT!! 23-11 Yeoui-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Gi-hun’s home

Gi-hun’s residence in “Squid Game” remains shrouded in mystery, with its exact location undisclosed to the public. The only clue we have is a glimpse of the house number, which displays “30-7.” If you happen to have any valuable information or tips regarding the filming location of Gi-hun’s home, the website would greatly appreciate your submission.

Please note that as an AI language model, I don’t have the capability to visit websites or submit tips directly. However, by utilizing the provided website, you can contribute any knowledge or insights you may have about the filming location. Your contribution could help fans and enthusiasts who are eager to uncover the secrets behind Gi-hun’s home and enhance their understanding of the show.

Submitting a tip to dedicated platforms like Hollywood Filming Locations can be an excellent way to share information and collaborate with other individuals who are passionate about unraveling the details of various film sets. Your submission might contribute to the collective effort of locating and documenting filming locations, benefitting fans and enthusiasts alike.

So, if you possess any pertinent details regarding Gi-hun’s residence or any other filming locations, please consider sharing your tip through the provided website. Your contribution will be valued and could assist in unraveling the enigmatic world of “Squid Game.”

Marbles Neighborhood Scene

The vibrant sets portraying the colorful staircase and the Korean neighborhood in the marbles competition sequence of “Squid Game” were meticulously designed and constructed on a sound stage located in Seoul. The production team dedicated their creative talents to bringing these captivating scenes to life within the controlled environment of a studio setting.

By crafting these sets on a sound stage, the creators had the freedom to meticulously plan and execute every detail, ensuring a visually stunning and immersive experience for viewers. The vivid colors, intricate architecture, and authentic Korean neighborhood atmosphere were all carefully constructed to enhance the storytelling and captivate the audience.

Working within a controlled environment of a sound stage offers various advantages, such as the ability to manipulate lighting, optimize camera angles, and ensure consistency throughout filming. This approach allows for precise control over every aspect of the sets, contributing to the overall aesthetic and visual impact of the scenes.

While the specific location of the sound stage is undisclosed, its presence in Seoul speaks to the city’s reputation as a thriving hub for film and television production. Seoul’s vibrant entertainment industry provides a wealth of talent, resources, and expertise, making it an ideal location for the creation of such visually stunning and captivating sets.

The use of a sound stage in Seoul demonstrates the incredible artistry and attention to detail behind “Squid Game.” The dedication of the production team in constructing these sets showcases their commitment to delivering a truly immersive and visually striking experience for audiences worldwide.

Secret Island Location

In “Squid Game,” when player 067 mentions Jeju Island, they are actually referring to the fishing island known as Seongapdo Island in Incheon, South Korea. Seongapdo Island, also referred to as San-gap-to, is situated in Incheon and boasts an elevation of approximately 140 meters above sea level.

Seongapdo Island, with its scenic surroundings and rich fishing culture, provides a distinct backdrop for the narrative. While the show takes creative liberties with the name and its association with Jeju Island, the actual location depicted represents the unique characteristics and charm of Seongapdo Island in Incheon.

With its elevated terrain and proximity to the sea, Seongapdo Island offers picturesque views and an atmosphere that enhances the immersive experience for viewers. The island’s fishing heritage adds an authentic touch to the storyline, showcasing the intricate connections between the characters and their surroundings.

While the island’s elevation and its specific location in Incheon contribute to its distinctive appeal, it’s important to note that the portrayal in the series may incorporate fictional elements to serve the narrative’s needs. Nonetheless, Seongapdo Island stands as a representation of the fishing culture and natural beauty found in various coastal regions of South Korea.

Subway Location

In “Squid Game,” the subway scenes were filmed at the Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Station, situated in Yangjae 2(i)-dong, Seoul, South Korea. This real-life subway station served as the backdrop for the intense and dramatic moments that unfolded within the show.

Located in Seoul, the Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Station offers an authentic setting for the subway sequences portrayed in “Squid Game.” As you stand on the platforms and walk through the station, you can envision the characters’ journeys and immerse yourself in the gripping atmosphere that captivated viewers.

Exploring the Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Station allows you to appreciate the attention to detail that went into recreating the subway environment for the show. From the architecture to the signage and bustling crowds, every aspect contributes to the authenticity of the scenes depicted in “Squid Game.”

Sang-Woo Meets Ali

In “Squid Game,” Sang-Woo and Ali’s meeting at the store takes place in Seoul, South Korea. Unfortunately, the precise location of this store remains unknown. If you happen to have any information or recognize the whereabouts of this particular filming location, you can contribute by submitting a tip through the website provided,

Submitting a tip to platforms like Hollywood Filming Locations provides an avenue for collaboration and exchange of knowledge among individuals passionate about discovering and documenting filming sites. Your tip may prove invaluable in helping others connect the dots and shed light on the enigmatic location.

If you possess any pertinent details about the store where Sang-Woo and Ali meet, I encourage you to visit and submit your information there. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated and may assist in unraveling the mystery behind this significant scene in “Squid Game.”

The Police Station

In one of the scenes from “Squid Game,” Gi-Hun attempts to file a complaint about the Squid Game but gets forcibly removed from an unidentified police station. Regrettably, the exact address of this location remains undisclosed. If you have any knowledge or recognize the specific filming site depicted in this scene, you can contribute by submitting a tip through the website provided:

Submitting a tip through platforms like Hollywood Filming Locations fosters collaboration and the exchange of knowledge among individuals passionate about discovering and documenting filming sites. Your tip could provide valuable clues to others, helping piece together the puzzle and shed light on this intriguing location.

If you possess any relevant details about the police station where Gi-Hun’s complaint was rejected, I encourage you to visit and share your information there. Your contribution will be highly appreciated and may contribute to unraveling the mystery surrounding this pivotal scene in “Squid Game.”

Sang-woo meets Gi-hun location

Location unknown – Got a Tip?

Hospital Location

Location unknown – Got a Tip?

Detective Hwang Jun-ho’s brother’s House

Building location is unknown – Got a Tip?

School location

In the scene with Kang Sae-byeok and her son.

Location is unknown – Got a Tip?

Moojin Port

In the beginning of episode 3 season 1

Location is unknown – Got a Tip?

Front-man shoots his brother Police detective Hwang Jun-ho?

Location is unknown – Got a Tip?

The ATM Bank location

Where Gi-hun finds out he’s rich.

Location is unknown – Got a Tip?

‘Squid Game’

Filming Dates: March 2020 – June 2021

When: 9/17/2021, NETFLIX

First Published: Nov 15, 2021, 11:20


Park Hae-soo as Cho Sang-woo
Wi Ha-Joon as Hwang Jun-ho
Jung Hoyeon as Kang Sae-byeok
Oh Yeong-su as Oh Il-nam
Heo Sung-tae as Jang Deok-su
Anupam Tripathi as Ali Abdul
Greg Chun as Gi-Hun
Kim Joo-Ryung as Han Mi-nyeo
Stephen Fu as Sang-Woo
Tom Choi as Frontman
Vivian Lu as Sae-Byeok
Rama Vallury as Ali
Paul Nakauchi as Deok-Su
Hideo Kimura as Il-Nam
Donald Chang as Jun-Ho
Stephanie Komure as Mi-Nyeo
Lee Byung-hun as Front man
Halley Kim as Mi-Ok
Gong Yoo as The Salesman
Seong-ju Yoo as Byeong-ki
Kwak Ja-hyoung as No. 2784
Lim Ki-Hong as Jung Min-Tae
Kim Si-Hyun as No. 244
Kim Dong-Won as No. 303
Yoon Young-Kyun as No. 040
Daniel C Kennedy as VIP 2
John D. Michaels as VIP 1
Lee Yoo-mi as Ji-yeong3
Kim Young-ok as Seong Gi-hun’s mother
Hye-jin Park as Cho Sang-woo’s mother
Yuuki Luna as Ji-Yeong
Brian Kim as Byeong-Gi

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