Black-ish: TV Series (2014 – ) Filming Locations

2014 TV Series

Black-ish: TV Series (2014 – ) Filming Locations

Black-ish: TV Series (2014 – ) Filming Locations

 Location #1

The house used as the Johnson Residence is located in Pasadena, California

google street View > 1640 Lombardy Rd, Pasadena, CA 91106

Location #2

The Johnson House that can be seen in episode 1.6 is located in Sherman Oaks, California

google street view > 4175 Stansbury Ave, Sherman Oaks CA

Location #3

“Stevens and Lido is located in Marina Del Rey, California

google street view > 13335 Maxella Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Location #4

Valley Glen School is actually the Disney Studios in Burbank California

google street view > 500 S Buena Vista St, Burbank, CA 91521

Location #5

The Compton Boys and Girls Center that is seen in episode 1.3 is located in North Hollywood, California

google street view > 11117 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606

Location #6

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 Cast & Crew 

Created By: Kenya Barris


Starring: Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Marcus Scribner

About / Plot Summary: You know the shows good when it’s renewed for a season 4. This hit TV Show “Black-ish” has roots in all of the cultural diversity this country needs. The man of the family, Anthony Anderson, has a job to gain a huge sense of understanding of the diversity in which he lives and where he works, where his family also has to live in. This is a white neighborhood that is extremely judgmental (or so they think), and has a lot of learning to do. The hit TV Show is primarily filmed in Sherman Oaks, California as well as Pasadena. These two hotspot cities are huge for a lot of different tv shows and movies. The show is filmed all over Southern California so if you live anywhere near here, you’ll be in a for huge shock on some of the locations (Add About / Plot Summary)

Casting Info: (Add Casting Info)

Original Release Date: 09/24/2014

Production / Distribution Co: ABC

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