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Grease Filming Locations | San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, California 1978

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Grease Filming Locations | San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, California 1978

Grease Filming Locations | San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, California 1978

Summer lovin!

One of the best movies of the 70’s, Grease, was filmed all over the Los Angeles area including the San Fernando Valley and Malibu.

Remember when Danny and Sandy spent the summer on Leo Carrillo State Park Beach located in Malibu? So do we. The beach that can be seen in the opening of the movie is located on the edge of Malibu Beach in Leo Carrillo.

Leo Carrillo on Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265

35000 W Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265

Film Fact: Many movies & TV series have been filmed here including: The Last Man On Earth and many more.

Where is the High School seen in Grease?

Actually 3 Los Angeles area High Schools were used as Rydell High.

The first school seen in the film is Venice High School located in Venice Beach, California. As you can see by the screen-shot below, it’s an exact match and the front of the School looks exactly the same as it it did 45 years ago. The statue could use a good cleaning :).

Allmost every exterior scene was created here at Venice High including: Summer Loving

google street view: 13000 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90066

The 2nd School used in the film was Huntington Park High School located in Huntington, California about 18 miles away from Venice High School. This is where the great dance scenes and virtually all of the classic internal school scenes were filmed.

google street view: 6020 Miles Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255

Now we come to the 3rd School seen in the film.

John Marshall High School located back in Los Angeles is where all of the Senior Carnival scenes, the famous last day scenes, and even the opening day scenes were filmed.

Filming took place in June of 1977

User Henry D recalls back when he was in High School here at John Marshall at the time of production. He said a production team was out scouting the School one day and was talking to some kids and actually asked a couple students to be extras for the famous last day Senior Carnival scene. 

google street view: 3939 Tracy St, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Thank you “henry” for the tip!

You’re The One That I Want Video:

Where Was The Pink Ladies Slumber Party Held?

Believe it or not Frenchie’s place is a real house that you can visit or (drive-by) today. It can be found in a Hollywood neighborhood close to Vermont and Hollywood Boulevard on Kingswell Ave.

google street view: 4524 Kingswell Ave, Hollywood, CA 90027

Where is the The Drive-In Movie Theater located that was used in the film?

The Pickwick Drive-In was located in Burbank, California and was torn down in the 1980s.

google street view: 1100 W Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA 91506

Where was Thunder Road? Is it real?

Yes, this is a real location and for many years it was used as a secret street race location in Los Angeles.

The starting point of Thunder Road was under the 6th Street Bridge of the Los Angeles River Basin to the turnaround mark of the 1st Street Bridge.

The Los Angeles River Basin that runs between 1st street and 6th Street Bridges in Downtown, Los Angeles, California.

Sandy and Danny fell in love over the summer – They’re now in the same high school. Will they fall in love in again?

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Filming Dates: June 1977 – Sept 1977

When: 06/16/1978, Paramount Pictures

Starring: John TravoltaOlivia Newton-JohnStockard Channing

Tips Provided By: John T.

First Published: Sept 1, 2017, 6:58

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