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Weird Science Filming Locations – Los Angeles and Illinois / 1985

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Weird Science Filming Locations – Los Angeles and Illinois / 1985

Weird Science Filming Locations – Los Angeles and Illinois / 1985

If you’re a fan of the classic movie Weird Science and wondering where Shermer High School is located, look no further than Interestingly, the High School scenes in the film were actually shot in two different locations to bring the story to life. The first location is in Des Paines, Illinois, while the second is in Bell, California. These locations were carefully selected to create the perfect backdrop for the movie and capture the essence of the story. So, if you’re ever in these areas, be sure to check out these iconic filming locations and relive the moments from this timeless classic.

Shermer High School Location # 1

In the movie, the external scenes depicting Shermer High School were filmed in a building that may surprise many fans. Rather than a traditional high school, the location was actually the Illinois State Police District and City Services building in Des Plaines, Illinois.

This building, located at 9541 Harrison St, played a crucial role in bringing the movie’s fictional world to life. While it may seem strange to use a police building as a high school, the filmmakers likely chose this location for its unique architecture and suitability for filming.

It’s fascinating to learn how movie magic can transform everyday locations into completely new settings on the big screen. MAP IT!!

Shermer High School Location # 2

The second filming location mentioned in this context is a site that witnessed an iconic scene where the boys had their gym shorts yanked down. This location is none other than the girls’ gym at Bell High School situated in Bell, California.

The school’s address is 4328 Bell Ave, Bell, CA 90201. It’s fascinating how a place can become immortalized in popular culture through such scenes, which continue to entertain and amaze audiences. A big thank you goes out to Alex for sharing this exciting piece of information with us!

Gary’s House

In the film, the Gary Wallace’s house was portrayed by a real-life residence located on Linden Avenue in Highland Park. This filming location added a sense of realism to the movie’s storyline, making it more relatable and engaging for viewers. Actor Anthony Michael Hall portrayed Gary, bringing the character to life on screen with his memorable performance. The use of real-life locations in movies is a common practice that allows filmmakers to create a more immersive experience for the audience. And in this case, the Highland Park home on Linden Avenue served as the perfect setting for Gary’s on-screen adventures. MAP IT!!

Wyatt’s House

Next stop on the Weird Science locations tour is none other than Wyatt’s House, a unique and unforgettable location situated at 280 Cedar Avenue in the charming town of Highland Park, IL.

As we explore this iconic setting, you may be surprised to learn that it shares a close proximity to other famous film locations. In fact, the home of Joel in Risky Business, which starred Tom Cruise, is located just blocks away from Gary and Wyatt’s Homes!

This fascinating Fun Film Fact highlights the close-knit community of film locations in Highland Park, where the magic of the movies comes to life. Our tour will take you on a journey through the intricate details and unique features that make Wyatt’s House such a special place in the world of cinema.

From the impressive architecture to the distinctive decor, every aspect of this location is a testament to the creativity and imagination of the filmmakers who brought it to life. Join us on this exciting adventure as we discover the secrets and hidden gems of Wyatt’s House and other iconic movie locations in Highland Park. MAP IT!!

** Update: A new dwelling has been erected in place of this house due to the considerable number of visitors it received

Fun Film Fact:

Ferris Bueller’s Day OffRisky Business and Sixteen Candles were all filmed in Highland Park, IL

Shopping Mall Scenes

In this cult classic movie, the Northbrook Court Shopping Mall in Northbrook, Illinois, plays a pivotal role in the story’s development. It’s where the two main characters, Wyatt and Gary, have a humiliating encounter when a group of bullies drop slushies on their heads. Little do they know that this event will set off a chain reaction of bizarre and fantastical events that will change their lives forever.

Later in the movie, the mall once again becomes the backdrop for an important scene. This time, we see the charming and enigmatic Lisa, played by Kelly LeBrock, being pursued by two sleazy guys named Max and Ian, played by Robert Rusler and Robert Downey Jr., respectively.

As they try to hit on her outside the entrance of the mall, Lisa’s attention is suddenly drawn to a flashy Porsche 928 driven by none other than Gary. Lisa can’t resist giving Gary a kiss as Ian and Max look on in disbelief, their egos bruised by the sudden turn of events.

Overall, the Northbrook Court Shopping Mall serves as an important location in “Weird Science,” representing both the mundanity of everyday life and the potential for unexpected and magical moments that can change everything in an instant. MAP IT!! 2171 Northbrook Court, Northbrook, IL / Thank you “harryC” for the tip!

Gary Runs From Police Car

Gary Beats The Police Car Over The Railroad Tracks at Lincoln Ave W Highland Park, Illinois 60035


Deb’s House

Finally, Gary returns Deb to her house located at 1150 Linden Ave, Glendale, CA 91201

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About Weird Science

Weird Science, a cult classic from the 80s, directed by the legendary John Hughes, is a must-see movie that follows the story of two teenage boys who decide to create their dream woman using a computer. The outcome of their experiment is a real-life perfect woman named Lisa, who turns out to possess superhuman abilities and provides them with advice on everything from girls to fashion.

Starring Anthony Michael Hall as Gary and Ilan Mitchell-Smith as Wyatt, the film revolves around their encounters with Lisa, portrayed by Kelly LeBrock, who sets out to transform their lives by giving them a fashionable makeover, cars, money, and teaching them how to stand up against their bullies.

Weird Science is a captivating tale that highlights the consequences of playing with technology and the power of imagination. It is a timeless classic that continues to entertain audiences to this day.

‘Weird Science’

When: 8/2/1985, Warner Bros.

Starring: Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Kelly LeBrock

Directed By: John Hughes

Written By: John Hughes

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