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Weird Science (1985) Filming Locations

1985 Movies

Weird Science (1985) Filming Locations

Weird Science (1985) Filming Locations

Where is Shermer High located?

Wyatt and Gary attend Shermer High School in the film. This is actually the Illinois State Police District and City Services building located in Des Paines, Illinois. The real High School used was Bell High School located in Bell, California


The scene where the get there gym shorts pulled down was my high school ..bell high bell California it was the girls gym.
Map it: 4328 Bell Ave, Bell, CA 90201
Thank you, Alex for the tip!


Youtube Trailer:

Where is Gary’s house seen in the film?

view on google street: 1200 Linden Ave, Highland Park, IL 60035

Fun Film Fact: Joel’s house in Risky Business is just down the street.. View Here

 Location #3 is Wyatt’s House:

The main house used in film “was” located at 280 Cedar Avenue in Highland Park, IL.

This house has since been torn down and replaced with a new one.

Fun film fact: Ferris Bueller’s Day OffRisky Business and Sixteen Candles were all filmed in Highland Park, IL

The Shopping Mall:

The Northbrook Court Shopping Mall in Northbrook, Illinois is where the Wyatt and Gary get slushies dropped on their head. This is also the location where Max and Ian meet Lisa outside the entrance.

Gary pulls up in a 928 Porsche

view on google street: 2171 Northbrook Court, Northbrook, IL 60062



Thank you “harryC” for the tip!

Gary beats the cop across the railroad tracks:

view on google street: Lincoln Ave W Highland Park, Illinois 60035


Finally, Gary returns Deb to her house located at 1150 Linden Ave, Glendale, CA 91201

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‘Weird Science’ This classic 80’s movie was directed by the legendary John Hughes. This must-see movie is about two teenagers who decide they want to literally design their perfect woman on a computer. The results: a live perfect woman. She turns out to be a “superhuman” who gives them advice on everything from girls, to clothes, to other things. The movie stars Gary, who in real life is known as Anthony Michael Hall and Wyatt, who is Ilan Mitchell-Smith. Lisa is the perfect girl they created who is known in real life as Kelly LeBrock. Once created, Lisa doesn’t hesitate to start giving the boys fresh looking clothes, a Porsche, and teaches the boys how to fight back against their bullies.

When: 8/2/1985, STUDIO

Starring: Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Kelly LeBrock

Directed By: John Hughes

Written By: John Hughes

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