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American Horror Story 1984 Filming Locations

2019 TV Series

American Horror Story 1984 Filming Locations

American Horror Story 1984 Filming Locations

Locations for the 9th season of the hit series American Horror Story can be found all over the Los Angeles area.

Where is Camp Redwood episode 1?

The actual campground site is not real and is not called Camp Redwood. The campground and background scenes were all filmed at Franklin Canyon Park, Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority. Some prop cabins were built on location and then torn down shortly after filming stopped.

The Camp Redwood Entrance Sign seen below was, unfortunately, just a prop sign set up on the main road into the park.

Below is a pic of the sign shown in the original trailer. Also was just a prop set-up on the main road.

Most of the swimming and lake scenes were filmed at the Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir aka Franklin Lake, inside the Franklin Canyon Park.

Go to Set-Jetter.Com to see some really amazing AHS 1984 set pics.

Where was the aerobic workout scenes filmed?

Back in the Summer of 2018, we received a tip that AHS season 9 was secretly filming at the Mid Valley Family YMCA in Van Nuys, California. It turns out this is the location used to film the classic 1980’s workout scenes in episode 1, season 9 due it looking exactly like it did in the 80’s.

View on google street: 6901 Lennox Ave, Van Nuys, California

Season 9 episode 1 we see Brooke’s Apartment building? Where is this location?

Got a Tip?

Creepy gas station location? Got a Tip?

Where is the Mental Institution where Mr Jingles breaks out from?

Location unknown – Got a Tip?

Got a Tip?

Where was the Slashdance episode filmed? Where was Mr Jingles filmed? Where was True Killers filmed? Where was Red Dawn filmed?

The 2019 version of Camp Redwood sign was just another prop set up on the main road into the Franklin Canyon Park

What Roller Skating Ring was seen in the series?

In Glendale, California you can find the The Moonlight Rollerway, This location was used due it’s vintage 1970’s – 80’s vibe.

visit this location at 5110 San Fernando Rd, in Glendale, California

Thank you “Betty” for the tip!

The “where was it filmed” section…

Please help us find these locations below

  1. Where did Bruce kidnap Brooke and Donna?

Found! Castaic, California on Commerce Center Drive and Highway 126

Thank you, RIB for the tip!

 2. Where did Bruce take Brooke and Donna?

Unknown location – Got a Tip?

3. What Church was used in Brooke’s brutal Wedding scene?

Got a Tip?

4. Donna and Brooke are the final girls. Where is the house seen in the pic below? Got a Tip?

5. Donna and Brooke have some lunch

Where was this scene filmed? Got a Tip?

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‘American Horror Story Season 1984’

Filming Dates: 2018 – 2019

When: Sept 2019, FX

Starring: Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, John Carroll Lynch, Cody Fern,

First Published: Sept 25, 2019, 11:02

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