Hell’s Kitchen Filming Locations – Canoga Park, Culver City / 2020

2005 TV Series

Hell’s Kitchen Filming Locations – Canoga Park, Culver City / 2020

Hell’s Kitchen Filming Locations – Canoga Park, Culver City / 2020

The desolate space of an abandoned Costco store in the West Valley has now been repurposed into a bustling hub of activity, as it serves as the filming location for three popular TV shows: Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef Jr, and The F Word. The production crews have ingeniously transformed the empty warehouse into a fully functional set, complete with state-of-the-art cooking equipment, luxurious dining areas, and dramatic lighting to capture every moment of the culinary competitions.


With the air of excitement and anticipation palpable on set, fans of these beloved cooking shows can hardly contain their enthusiasm for the upcoming season 17 of Hell’s Kitchen, where contestants will face off against each other in the high-stakes battle to become the head chef at a renowned restaurant. The junior chefs on Master Chef Jr are also eagerly preparing to showcase their skills, while Gordon Ramsay himself takes on the challenge of The F Word.

It’s not every day that a location as unique as an abandoned Costco store is used as a backdrop for these popular TV programs. However, it’s a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the production teams that they have managed to transform this unlikely space into a culinary playground for contestants and viewers alike. As the shows gear up for their premiere, we can’t help but feel excited about the mouth-watering dishes, thrilling challenges, and fiery competition that await us. MAP IT!!

Hell’s Kitchen Production Sighting:

On 01/02/2017 – Gordon Ramsay was spotted on the new set of Hell’s Kitchen in Canoga Park, California MAP IT!!

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Season 19 Las Vegas Caesars Palace

Season 4 to Season 16

The popular culinary competition reality show, Hell’s Kitchen, has been entertaining viewers for several seasons. From Season 4 to Season 16, the show was filmed in the vibrant city of Culver City, California. If you’re curious to see where all the culinary magic happened, you can even take a peek at the filming location on Google Earth view by searching for 8660 Hayden Place Culver City, California. Over the years, the show has brought forth some of the most talented chefs in the industry, who have battled it out in the kitchen under the watchful eye of the show’s demanding head chef, Gordon Ramsay. With each season, the show has evolved, incorporating new challenges, twists, and turns that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. From high-pressure dinner services to grueling team challenges, Hell’s Kitchen never fails to deliver excitement and drama. So, whether you’re a fan of the show or just a food enthusiast, Hell’s Kitchen is a must-watch for anyone looking for some thrilling culinary entertainment.

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‘Hell’s Kitchen’

When: 2005, FOX

Starring: Gordon Ramsay, Jean Philippe Susilovic, Scott Leibfried

First Published Jan 6, 2017, 20:13pm

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